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Some of our lovely girls, after getting massages.

Employee Lovin' Day At YourTango!

Have you ever been sitting at your desk and thought, "I could really use a massage right about now?" Yeah, so do we. And today, all that wishful thinking did something for us!

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Come join our team!

YourTango Is Hiring A Branded Content Manager

YourTango is looking for a talented, experienced branded content manager to serve as the liaison between sales and editorial, working closely with both teams to build compelling, sponsor-friendly content campaigns.

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The leading ladies of YourTango.

Tijon Sends Love To YourTango On Valentine's Day!

We at YourTango love, well, basically everyone. But we are especially feeling the love for the fantastic people of the Tijon parfumerie who decided to thank us for running their Swarovski crystal atomizer giveaway in a very classy way.

Love: The Girls of Movember
Meet the team!

The Girls of Movember

In light of it being November, Movember is in full swing. And since we ladies can't (thankfully) raise a beard, we had to get creative to give some love to our hairy counterparts. The men of Movember are raising money for charities all across the country, and we wanted to show our support.