feel young in bed
Does he still give you butterflies in your stomach?

5 Ways To Feel 18 Again ... In Bed

Remember back when you were a teenager? You had a new crush every week, your hormones were raging and your mind was full of curiosity. You and your significant other can feel like horny, young teenagers all again. Our experts tell you how.

crazy places to have sex
You want to do what ... where?!

Risky Rendezvous: Crazy Places To Have Sex (And Not Get Arrested)

Slipping away hand-in-hand with your S.O. to a dark, deserted alley is a risky rendezvous, but that's part of what makes it so hot, right? Where are the sexiest locales for getting it on ... and is anything off-limits? Our experts weigh in on everything you wanted to know about getting intimate in places beyond the bedroom.

One tip? Breathe together.

10 MORE Tips & Tricks For Making Foreplay Last Longer

We've already talked all about how important foreplay is to a healthy and fulfilling sex life. So important, in fact, that we're driving the point home with even more juicy ways to build up enough sexual tension to make the walls come crumbling down. YourTango Experts Kim Olver and Larry Michel share 10 more of their sexiest tricks and techniques for turning each other on even before you reach the bedroom.

One trick: undress each other ... slowly.

10 Tips & Tricks For Making Foreplay Last Longer

Foreplay is so important to your sex life — especially when you're in a committed relationship. Mutually satisfying foreplay can be the key to deeper intimacy and a healthy, fulfilling relationship. YourTango Experts Kim Olver and Larry Michel share their sexiest tricks and techniques when it comes to turning each other on even before you reach the bedroom.

It's not wrong if it feels right, because you're doing it with someone you love.

How To Have An Affair ... In Your Relationship

There's a high that comes from having an affair — the thrill, the illicitness, the secret meetings all make for a hot indiscretion. And having that with someone you've been married to for years can be even better.

things you can do to improve your sex life together
One tip? Meditate. It helps you enjoy sex by keeping you in the moment.

7 Things You Can Do Alone To Improve Your Sex Life

Most people would agree that the key to an uninhibited sexual experience with a partner is to know thyself — intimately. We asked seven experts to weigh in on how to get to know yourself better as a lover so you can start improving your sex life, stat.

what your woman secretly wants in bed
These between-the-sheets tricks will leave her smiling.

What Your Woman Secretly Wants In Bed

In reality, many men are often focused on the end goal: orgasm. Rushing to the finish line, they often forget to be present and 'in the moment' — which is what women really want in bed. So how do you truly turn on and satisfy a woman? We turned to YourTango Experts Moushumi Ghose and Dr. Shoshana Bennett for advice.

what your man secretly wants in bed
Are you tapped in to his desires?

What Your Man Secretly Wants In Bed

What is it that men really like in bed? Contrary to popular belief, it's not all lap dances and strip teases. It's also about being confident in your sexuality as a woman and reintroducing an element of surprise into your sex life. For more specifics, we turned to YourTango Experts Adam Gilad and Dr. John Beiter, who gave us a candid glimpse inside the male mind.