sexy bedroom
Two words: mood lighting.

5 Steps To The Sexiest Bedroom Ever

Feng shui, often called the art of placement, is an ancient oriental science incorporating astronomy, geography, environment, magnetic fields, physics and natural elements. The Chinese have been using it four thousand years to optimize living and working environments, with an amazing track record of benefits in health, happiness, prosperity and relationships for those who study and use its principles.

date as foreplay
One tip? Feed each other sexy treats like strawberries.

10 Hot Ways To Use Date Night As Foreplay [EXPERT]

Did you know that sex starts outside of the bedroom? In fact, some dates can be so arousing that they qualify as foreplay. Here are 10 tips from 10 of the nation's top experts that will guarantee your date ends in fireworks.

sexy gestures that qualify as foreplay
An adventurous date is just the thing to spark excitement in a relationship.

13 Surprisingly Sexy Gestures That Qualify As Foreplay

Small gestures that say "I love you" bring a sense of love and kindness to your relationship and will help create emotional security. That's why we asked four of our experts to share their ideas for enhancing your intimate bond ... and firing up your sex life.

couples' guide to erogenous zones
One surprising hotspot? The spine.

Touch Me There: The Couples' Guide To Erogenous Zones

The entire human body is designed for pleasure! So explore every inch of your partner's body with curiosity and pay attention to his/her responses. We asked three of our experts to reveal some of the most overlooked spots on the body (that your partner is dying for you to touch).

sex makes you more attractive
Be confident and others will find you sexy.

6 Ways Sex Makes You More Attractive

Sex is not just satisfying—it's also healthy! Our expert explains how having a strong sex life benefits everything from luscious hair to clear skin and self-confidence.

steps to a sexier bedroom
Sultry music? Check. Soft pillows? Check. The two of you? Double-check.

Pillow Talk: 5 Simple Steps To A Sexier Bedroom

Sometimes, we pay too much attention to what (or whom) we're doing in the bedroom and not enough attention to what the bedroom is doing for us! That's why we asked three of our experts to share their ideas for what makes an amazingly sexy bedroom.

turn-ons all couples should try
One totally hot turn-on? Blindfold him (he'll secretly love it).

8 Sexpert-Approved Turn-Ons All Couples Should Try

How do you build the tension slowly and steadily so that when you do climb into bed, it will be all you can do to keep your hands off each other? We've got eight of the hottest turn-ons that any couple should try (at least once if not twice or three times).