Confessions of Sexually Active Parents

The 10 Rules Of Engagement For Sexually Active Parents
68% of parents are getting a little extra help in the bedroom. Find out how!

The 10 Rules Of Engagement For Sexually Active Parents

Sexually active (or inactive) parents: you are not alone! And we have some advice for you, straight from the mouths of people who know you best. Other sexually active parents. We consulted with a licensed relationship expert to make sure you're doing everything you can to keep the spark alive.

parents on a date
Have you gotten more adventurous or more organized since having kids?

Parents, Has Your Date Night Style Changed? Take This Quiz!

Parents, we know your alone time is limited. You're constantly rushing around and your life has only gotten crazier. But that doesn't mean your bedroom time doesn't have to suffer. Find out your perfect date night style and your personalized tips!

confessions of sexually active parents
40% of parents would rather do WHAT with an extra hour of free time?

Infographic: An Inside Look At The Sex Lives Of Parents

YourTango partnered with the makers of Trojan Lubricants to survey over a thousand parents-- sexually active and inactive-- and the results surprised us! What advice did our parents have for those that might be having a hard time?

The Ins and Outs of Lubricant
Get closer than ever before!

The Ins and Outs of Lubricant

Are lubes simply a problem solver or are they your new nest friend? They can be so much more and Logan Levkoff wants to teach you why (and how)!

Vibrator And Partner Sex
You're never too old to start talking about new things in the bedroom.

Vibrator And Partner Sex

80% of women have used a vibrator with their partner, so why are we still thinking about them as just a solo endeavor? Talking with your partner about using one can be sexy and invigorating in your relationship. Read on to find out why!