Engaged & Cheating: Can You Forgive Infidelity?
Got a relationship question? Here's the guy to ask.

Ask Charles: 'Do I Forgive My Fiancé's One-Time Fling?'

Is infidelity ever forgivable? This woman's fiancé cheated on her in what he claims was a truly "extraordinary" circumstance, and now she doesn't know how to move forward… or if she should. Relationship and love guru Charles J. Orlando has the answer. What would you do?

Confessions of Cheating Husbands
Can these men right their wrongs?

Confessions Of Cheating Husbands

Infidelity seems to be a rampant problem for couples. With stories from real-life cheaters, our dating expert explores the phenomenon of dudes who can't commit. Is cheating more prevalent today that before, or are we merely more aware of its happening due to media saturation?

Why Women Get Played By The Men They Date

Why Women Get Played By The Men They Date

Women who get played by men aren't "dumb" or "inexperienced". Smart women get played all the time … and not because the guy is bright or smooth, but because his bullsh*t story has enough tangible possibility for it to be believable. Moreover, these "players" aren't useless men. They watch and wait — predators of a sort — and fill a specific need that a woman is looking for. And not just any need, but a core need she wants filled: sex, affection, security, attention, freedom, romance, etc.

man examining his hairline
Surprise! Hair loss didn't make the list.

7 Things Men Fear Most

As problem-solvers, men look for the fastest, most effective ways to work through issues, and many think the best way is to do that alone. But therein lies the main challenge for relationship dynamics: He wants to work through it alone and thus fails to communicate it, and his significant other knows something's wrong, but doesn't know what it is, and may assume it has something to do with her, even if it doesn't.

Why Men & Women Cheat

Why Men & Women Cheat

The age-old question: What makes a person in a marriage or committed relationship cheat? Despite recent articles that suggest that there is a cheating gene ingrained into the DNA of some men (Really? *rolls eyes*), the real answer depends on whether you’re talking about a woman or a man. Several credible infidelity studies have found that men and women who are cheating on their spouses gave different reasons to justify their extramarital affairs.

Boomerang Men: Why Exes Come Running Back
Have you ever dated a "Boomerang Man?"

Boomerang Men: Why Exes Come Running Back

BOOMERANG: (noun) A curved piece of wood; when properly thrown will return to thrower. BOOMERANG MAN: Annoying; a man that a woman has stopped being romantically involved with who gets in contact for unknown reasons. (See booMANerang.)

Why I Went Undercover On Ashley Madison (P.S. I'm A Married Man)

"Honey, I have to join Ashley Madison." So began the pitch I gave my wife to let me join the marrieds-looking-for-affairs website, AshleyMadison.com. It would be part of my research into women who cheat, why infidelity is increasing, and what can be done to possibly affair-proof a marriage. I was proposing to "cheat" on her for a few weeks, to talk to and attempt to seduce as many women as possible, and get a real-world understanding of why women want to stay married but also need some illicit action on the side. Of course, on my end, there'd be nothing more than conversation. She looked at me straight-faced, unflinching. I searched her eyes for any telltale sign of the Charles-I'm-going-to-punch-you-in-the-face-right-after-I-castrate-you look; nothing. After a long pause, I got her only thought: "No, I get it," she said emphatically. "It's a great story. But it’s kinda like asking the newly vegetarian fox to guard the henhouse, isn't it?"