boxing santa
Want to punch Santa out?

Dear Holidays: I Hate You

Gotta love the holidays… or do you? Columnist Charles J. Orlando explains why he's feeling ho-hum about everyone's favorite time of year. Can you relate?

An Expose On Online Dating: Is It All Just One Big Web Of Lies?
Will a healthy dose of skepticism tip the scales in your favor?

An Expose On Online Dating: Is It All Just One Big Web Of Lies?

Online dating advice encourages singles to sign up for monthly or yearly commitments on their search for love. The sites claim they can match you with your soulmate, but this relationship expert isn't so sure that's the case. Here's his theory on why online dating might not be the best path to true love.

Sad Woman
It's not your fault … but you ARE allowing it.

The Straight-Up Truth: Why He Treats You Like Crap

Emotionally abusive relationships can be hard to identify. But if you're in one, one thing's for sure: the constant pressure to perform well for "crumbs" of love can feel like, well, crap. There's one reason he's treating you so poorly … and it might surprise you.

This goes for you too, Miley.

Ladies, If You’re Doing This On Instagram … Please STOP

You know the nude pics we're talking about: duck face and minimal clothing, the kind of picture that gets more Instagram "likes" than you had ever dreamed of. Is that why you're taking them, for the "likes"? Expert Charles Orlando believes that you should learn how to be happy with yourself WITHOUT these mostly-naked photos—here's why.

How We Teach Men To Abuse Women In Relationships
Seems innocent, but something deeper is at play here.

How We Taught CeeLo Green To Abuse Women

We're constantly sending children subliminal messages that not only is it OK to abuse woman — it's what they want. So what happens when these kids grow up and enter into relationships of their own? You guessed it… and it isn't pretty.