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George Soros And Queen Noor Are An Item

From The New York Daily News By George Rush and Joanna Rush Molloy They set out to help the world's poor, but along the way, George Soros and Queen Noor may have arrived at a romance. As they get ready to co-chair a D.C. fund-raiser for Liberia next week, buzz is building that the billionaire philanthropist and the widow of Jordan's King Hussein share more than a passion for open societies. More and more, you're apt to find Her Majesty at the side of the Democratic Party kingmaker. Last November, she turned up for a lecture he gave at Oxford on "The Consequences of the War on Terrorism." (They drove off together afterward.) Last February, she accompanied him on a four-day trip to Liberia. Tango’s Take

New Zach Braff Film Makes Light Of Marital Problems

From The Boston Herald By Stephen Schaefer Is Zach Braff trying to shed his Mr. Nice Guy image? Not exactly, the “Scrubs” star said. True, in his new film “The Ex” (opening tomorrow, May 11th), Braff does push a paraplegic down a flight of stairs. In this comedy about a troubled marriage, Braff’s Tom Reilly is the put-upon husband of Amanda Peet’s Sofia. The first-time parents have left Manhattan for their Ohio hometown, where Tom will work for his father-in-law. Tom learns office politics can get nasty. Justin Bateman’s Chip, Sofia’s high school beau, is a sneaky, backstabbing paraplegic out to scratch him from both job and wife. As their rivalry escalates, Tom throws Chip down the stairs. “I was nervous,” Braff said. “Are we going to be able to pull it off? Because it needs to be funny.” As for starring in a comedy in which Tom’s lawyer wife is the family breadwinner, Braff sees that as a reflection of reality. Tango’s Take

Eva Not Giving It Up Until Her Wedding Night

From The Boston Globe (BANG) - Eva Longoria will not have sex until her wedding night. The 'Desperate Housewives' actress has imposed a 'no-sex' policy on her fiancé Tony Parker until the couple exchange vows in July. Eva implemented the ban to help basketball star Tony reach the NBA play-offs with the San Antonio Spurs. She told US chat show host Jimmy Kimmel: "Luckily, we're getting married after the play-offs and then we need to consummate the marriage. I scheduled it that way." The sex ban seems to be helping Tony's performance on the court - his team beat the Phoenix Suns on Sunday (May 6, 2007). Eva, 32, also dismissed rumours the couple chose to marry in Paris on July 7 because it is considered to be a lucky date. Tango’s Take