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California May Extend Family Leave To In-Laws

From Scripps-McClatchy Western Service California soon could become the first state where workers are paid for leaving their job to care for a seriously ill mother-in-law. Or father-in-law. Or brother, sister, grandparent or grandchild. Pending legislation would expand a 3-year-old, state-run program that provides temporary pay for bonding with a new child or caring for an ill parent, child, spouse or domestic partner. Sen. Sheila Kuehl, a Santa Monica Democrat who proposed the new measure, Senate Bill 727, said it would create flexibility to help most families respond to health emergencies. California's current paid family leave program excludes too many people in a state of 37 million people, where it is not uncommon for extended family members to live together, Kuehl said. "It was sort of artificial to say that if you happen to have a parent to take care of you, that's fine, but if you happen to only have your brother or sister, they can't take time off," Kuehl said.

Survey Of Britons Reveals That Two Year Gut Is The New Relationship Curse

Forget the seven-year itch, those in relationships are more likely to suffer the ‘two year bloat’ according to new research. An overwhelming two thirds of Brits say their partner has put on weight in the first 24 months of the relationship. Half of the 4,000 adults surveyed by LIPObind, a new medically certified weight management product, think their partner could do with losing a few pounds. Three quarters admitted they would stop fancying their partner if they put on more weight, whilst a brave 79 per cent of people would tell their partner if they thought they were getting too fat.

Divorces Difficult In New York

From Associated Press By Nahal Toosi NEW YORK – Chana and Simon Taub can't stand each other. He claims she is a gold-digging liar. She claims he abused her. Things got so nasty during their divorce case that a court-ordered wall was put up in the feuding spouses' Brooklyn house to keep them apart. It would seem like an open-and-shut divorce case, with no shortage of reasons to justify ending the marriage once and for all. But it is never that easy in New York, where you can get just about anything except a fast, blameless divorce. New York is the only state that won't allow the speedy dissolution of a marriage without proof that one spouse is somehow at fault, experts say. Adultery is sufficient grounds, but irreconcilable differences are not. “He beats me” (with proof) works, but “We grew apart” doesn't cut it. Tango’s Take

Penelope Cruz and Josh Hartnett Try To Keep Romance On The Down Low

From FemaleFirst.co.uk Penelope Cruz & Hartnett Desperate To Keep Romance Private.... Spanish actress Penelope Cruz is going out of her way to keep her new romance with Josh Hartnett out of prying eyes after enjoying public affairs with Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey. The Volver star and her actor beau fled from trendy Los Angeles restaurant El Coyote on 21 March (07) after learning all private rooms were taken. Read More… Tango’s Take

Jagshemash! Borat To Be A Dad

From The Daily Record BORAT is looking forward to the birth of his first child, it was reported yesterday. Comic Sacha Baron Cohen and fiancee Isla Fisher broke the news to friends during a night out in a Los Angeles bar. Read More… Tango’s Take VERY NICE! Sacha Baron Cohen has to be the luckiest man alive. That kooky broad from Wedding Crashers, Isla Fisher, is a genuine catch. Borat was a smash hit. He has a movie deal for his Austrian fashion designer character, Bruno. Word on the street is that Isla is converting to Judaism. Now he’s got a kid on deck, nicely done Ali G, dis gonna be da best year eva, respek.

Doubles Tennis Can Have The Same Drama And Intrigue As Any Relationship

From Sports Illustrated By Lisa Raymond Doubles anyone? The Sony Ericsson Open is in its second and final week in Key Biscayne, Fla., and the doubles draw is packed with top teams and big names. With doubles on the mind and given the name of this column, let's cut to the chase and talk doubles. There are a few questions I am repeatedly asked when speaking about doubles, including, "How do you find a doubles partner?" or, "What makes a successful partnership in doubles?" These are great questions on any level, amateur or professional. First and foremost let us get one thing straight -- doubles is a relationship! It's a business partnership that must also consist of chemistry. You want to gel and come together as one, all while trying to master the art of communication. Sound familiar? Read More… Tango’s Take

Cialis Promises Chinese Couples Marital Bliss

From Reuters By Kirby Chien and Jerker Hellstrom BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Eli Lilly & Co., maker of impotence drug Cialis, hopes that Chinese couples who might resort to traditional aphrodisiacs or divorce court to resolve sexual problems will seek marital bliss with its own remedy. The U.S. drugmaker launched a marketing campaign for Cialis in the world's most populous country on Thursday with the release of a survey showing that 45 percent of middle-aged Chinese couples had experienced erectile dysfunction problems. Read More… Tango’s Take

Text and the Single Girl: Do U want 2 get 2gether?

By Devon Haynie Columbia News Service NEW YORK -- As Heather Moore walked past a line of patrons sitting at a bar in New York City last October, she zeroed in on a cute guy sending a text message. In a moment of alcohol-induced bravado, she sauntered up to him. "Are you sending me a text message?" she asked coyly. It was a pickup line she would soon regret. The next day the guy, a 24-year-old real estate broker, sent Moore a text message. He sent her a text message the next day, too. And the next. The two saw each other on and off for five months. But that entire time he never phoned Moore once. When the two weren't together, every conversation -- whether it was back and forth for 20 minutes or stretched out for hours -- played out through text messaging. "I learned everything about him through text," lamented Moore, a 26-year-old law student living on the Upper East Side. "Where he went to school, what he studied, where he studied abroad. We covered a lot, but it was pathetic."