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Chinese Dating Websites Accused Of Prostitution

From All Headline News By Josephine Roque Beijing, China (AHN) China's Internet watchdog has issued a warning to 12 dating websites in Beijing accused of promoting prostitution. The websites were given a deadline to change the content of their sites by June 1. One of the lonely-hearts dating websites showed a posting from a young woman describing herself as a "professional pleasure giver." "The outrageous pimping content in some websites is very shocking," said the Beijing Online News and Information Panel, consisting of government officials, e

‘Nuptials’ Trips Up Spelling Bee Hopeful

From The Ludington Daily News By Kevin Braciszeski Mason County Central seventh-grader Brianna Wise completed the first two rounds of the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C., this morning, but misspelled “nuptials” during her round on stage and may not advance to the third round. Wise is number 132 of this year’s 286 contestants in grades 5-8.

MTV Feels The Need To Keep Cameron Diaz And Jessica Biel Separate During Movie Awards

From New York Post’s Page Six By Richard Johnson HANDLERS are working overtime to prevent any drama between Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel at the June 3 MTV Movie Awards, where the dueling divas will meet for the first time since their Golden Globe dust-up last winter. In January, Page Six reported that Diaz "blew up" at her then-recent ex, Justin Timberlake, when she spotted him flirting with his now-girlfriend Biel at an after-party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. This Sunday, the love triangle will reunite for the first time since the incident - on live TV. Sources revealed that Diaz and Biel are both presenting awards at the ceremony, while Timberlake is nominated for best breakthrough performance for his role in "Alpha Dog." "Everyone is determined to keep Cam and Jess far apart," said our insider. And Timberlake isn't helping by keeping mum as to how he'll walk the carpet, solo or with Biel. Tango’s Take

Study To Test Oxytocin Love Potion On Troubled Couples

  From Nine MSN By Danielle Cahill Scientists will dose volunteers with a drug released in the brain during orgasm in a bid to find a cure for bad relationships, as part of a groundbreaking study at the University of New South Wales. Researchers at the university will test the effect of the hormone oxytocin, which increases social skills and sexual pleasure, on couples with communication problems.

Hyperactivity In Young Linked To Smoking During Pregnancy

Enjoying a nice meal and not smoking. From The Guardian By Polly Curtis Children whose mothers smoked during their pregnancy are up to nine times more likely to develop attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, scientists say. US researchers found smoking acts as a trigger for the disorder when children are already genetically predisposed to ADHD. The dangers of smoking during pregnancy are well documented. But the links between smoking and ADHD have not been proven until now.

Some Attractive Women Only Date Ugly Men

  From The Sun MEET the women who find rippling muscles and chiselled good looks a complete turn-off. Slicking on another layer of lipgloss, Selena Maria slings her bag over her shoulder and struts into the bar. A sea of dark, handsome heads turn to ogle her. Jaws drop and good-looking men raise their eyebrows or move in to offer her a drink. But Selena walks on by. She only has eyes for one man. He’s waiting for her in a dark corner. He’s not one of the handsome guys in sharp suits. He’s not even ‘average’. He’s bald and podgy, with a pock-marked face, and is easily the ugliest man in the room. She sidles into the chair next to him. ‘Hi, gorgeous,’ she purrs. The man’s gargoyle face breaks into a toothless smile. The good-looking men know they don’t stand a chance. Selena has dated her fair share of hunks, but has given up on gorgeous guys because they’re dull – both in and out of bed. Tango’s take