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At-Home Fertility Screening Available for Men

From The New York Times By Roni Caryn Rabin Many men, faced with the prospect of going to the doctor for a fertility evaluation, will tell you: they would rather just stay home. Now they can. A new at-home screening test, called Fertell, lets couples find out if they have fertility problems without stepping into a doctor’s office. The test has his and hers components — a screening test for men that is the first at-home device to measure the concentration of motile sperm, and a test for women that measures a hormone considered a marker of egg quality. The availability of the two-in-one test helps drive home the message that both men and women can contribute to infertility, experts say.

John Krasinski and Mandy Moore to be Married By Robin Williams?

Of course not. John K, Jim to all you fans of The Office, is destined to marry Pam (Jenna Fischer). And we’re all hoping that Mandy can somehow reconcile with Vince (Adrian Grenier) from Entourage. But, these two are set to get hitched in Warner Brother’s forthcoming movie, License To Wed. The two must navigate a veritable minefield in order to gain the blessing of her childhood pastor, played by Robin Williams. And guess what? Tango’s along for the ride. Yay! Along with a few high-brow sponsors, we’re having a drawing for a fantastic wedding day give-away including rings and honeymoons and more. Click Here To Get In On The Action