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What A Concept! Fertility Kit Helps Couples Get Pregnant

From KGO By Carolyn Johnson May 21 - KGO - As more couples delay childbearing, experts say infertility rates seem to be increasing. There is a range of medical treatments, including in vitro and artificial insemination. But some say a new low-tech treatment may be worth trying first. It is a sobering statistic. Nearly one in five couples struggles with infertility. Adrianne Diaz, Fertility Patient: "I have been actively trying, i would say , for about - for about the last year and a half, two years." Janette Walker, MD/John Muir Ob-Gyn: "A lot of times it's unexplained, we can't really find a good reason why they can't get pregnant." Adrianne: "They put me on Clomid and again I tried it and it didn't really work." After two months of failed fertility drugs, Adrianne is coming to her doctor's office to try a new fertility device called the conception kit.