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Mutual Interest Sites Can Lead To Recreation And Romance

From The Denver Post By Sheba R. Wheeler The Internet hookup has matured. Logging on for companionship used to be mostly limited to looking for love, or something a little naughtier. But now more and more people are using the Web to keep active and be more social. Need a walking buddy, want to play some tennis or join a basketball league? Websites like these will help you get connected: # Denver-based playcoed.com, launched in 2004, now has more than 30,000 members across the United States participating in 120 sports.

Is Britney Spears Pregnant Again?

From The Daily Mail In another twist to the troubled life of singer Britney Spears, friends of the star have said she is pregnant – and may not be sure who the father is. According to reports, a source close to the star told Australian magazine NW that the 25-year-old had confided news of her pregnancy to close friends. The source claimed: "She's been secretly filling her pals in on the good news since last week." Tango’s Take Wow. What if K-Fed wasn’t the one with the magic seed? What if Brit and SharJack both have crazy fertile uteruses (uteri?)? This could put a crimp in the K-Fed as super inseminator conceit. What if he is the father of the next Spears’ child? P-Nut and Tater Tot could have a little brother. We’re willing to bet that this one isn’t true. Did you hear about this Christina Aguilera is pregnant thing? It’s like it’s 1999 again and Xtina and Britney are competing for our affection. Maudlin.

Safer Than Estrogen? Researchers Search For New Menopause Treatments

From LA Times By Chandra Shekhar VIVIAN AIZAWA of Salinas vividly remembers the first time her body was hit by a heat wave out of the blue -- an episode of warmth, flushing and sweating that "almost felt like climate change," the 53-year-old says. The hot flashes and night sweats affected her sleep and strained her relationships. "It is ruining my life," she told her doctor. Nearly three out of four women will share Aizawa's experience as they go through menopause. Many, in fact, will get hot flashes and night sweats several times a day for years, each episode lasting from a few seconds to several minutes. "It impacts literally millions of women worldwide," says Dr. Wulf Utian, president of the Ohio-based North American Menopause Society, a nonprofit that promotes menopause research. "While not life-threatening, it is a major impediment to their quality of life."

Indian Actress Shilpa Shetty Accused of Hubby-Snatching

From IBN Live London: She’s in the news yet again. But this time it’s not anything to celebrate. Actress Shilpa Shetty has been accused of wrecking a marriage by a UK-based film producer's wife. According to the News of the World tabloid, 25-year-old Kavita Kundra claimed that Shilpa is now "an item with her film producer husband Raj". "Our marriage was in a rough patch but I was certain we could make it work for the sake of our new baby daughter. But then along came Shilpa. Suddenly Raj changed and now he wants a divorce," Kavita told the tabloid. Reacting to the report, Shilpa's spokesperson Dale Bhagwagar said in Mumbai, "The two are just friends, however cliched it may sound." Tango’s Take

Man Ordered to Pay Ex-Wife Alimony, Despite Domestic Partnership

Pay up, buddy. From The San Francisco Gate A judge ordered an Orange County man to continue paying $1,250 a month in alimony to his former wife — even though she's in a registered domestic partnership with another woman. State marriage laws say that alimony ends when a former spouse remarries. So Ron Garber thought he was off the hook for the payments when he learned his ex-wife, Melinda Kirkwood, registered her new relationship under the state's domestic partnership law. But an Orange County judge decided that a registered partnership is cohabitation, not marriage, and that Garber must keep writing checks to his ex-spouse.

“Dr Love” Helps Indonesians Learn About Sex

From News24.com Jakarta - When Singapore's "Dr Love" invites you up to his hotel room, you don't say no. And once you're inside, he doesn't disappoint. The doctor's got plans for educating close to the entire world about sex. The starting point is his laptop - and Indonesia. Wei Siang Yu, nicknamed "Dr Love" for his flamboyant, non-conventional methods of sex education for Singaporeans, has now launched his innovative programme in the world's most populous Muslim nation. Indonesians can send anonymous questions about sex via mobile phone text messages. And an avatar called "Nova" - a virtual character with artificial intelligence - will then answer. Some might get a personal response from one of the Indonesian doctors on the panel behind "Nova". But all the queries will be compiled and responded to on the "Love Airways" website, where anyone can log on and learn, he says.

McCartney Divorce to Reach £70million?

From Digital Spy By Kimberley Dadds Heather Mills McCartney could receive £70 million in the divorce settlement between her and estranged husband Sir Paul McCartney, according to reports. The former Beatle was married to Mills for four years and they have a three-year-old daughter together. The Daily Mail has reported that the former model could receive a lump sum of £15 million, but could then be entitled to annual payments of around £15 million every year until their daughter turns 18. Tango’s Take