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Hyperactivity In Young Linked To Smoking During Pregnancy

Enjoying a nice meal and not smoking. From The Guardian By Polly Curtis Children whose mothers smoked during their pregnancy are up to nine times more likely to develop attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, scientists say. US researchers found smoking acts as a trigger for the disorder when children are already genetically predisposed to ADHD. The dangers of smoking during pregnancy are well documented. But the links between smoking and ADHD have not been proven until now.

Some Attractive Women Only Date Ugly Men

  From The Sun MEET the women who find rippling muscles and chiselled good looks a complete turn-off. Slicking on another layer of lipgloss, Selena Maria slings her bag over her shoulder and struts into the bar. A sea of dark, handsome heads turn to ogle her. Jaws drop and good-looking men raise their eyebrows or move in to offer her a drink. But Selena walks on by. She only has eyes for one man. He’s waiting for her in a dark corner. He’s not one of the handsome guys in sharp suits. He’s not even ‘average’. He’s bald and podgy, with a pock-marked face, and is easily the ugliest man in the room. She sidles into the chair next to him. ‘Hi, gorgeous,’ she purrs. The man’s gargoyle face breaks into a toothless smile. The good-looking men know they don’t stand a chance. Selena has dated her fair share of hunks, but has given up on gorgeous guys because they’re dull – both in and out of bed. Tango’s take