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Brits Get More Satisfaction Than French

From The Times By Charles Bremner and Sebastien Duval The global sexual wellbeing survey The French, who have always treated seduction as art, were startled yesterday to learn that they have the world’s second most dreary sex lives – after the Japanese. In a 26-country survey which shows that even the British are happier in bed, only 25 per cent of French men and women report that they are sexually satisfied. Forty percent of Britons profess satisfaction, still well behind the champions, Nigerians (67 per cent) and Mexicans (63 per cent). To make things worse, the French are among the most energetic performers, making love 120 times a year, compared with 92 for the British and 164 for the Greeks, who top the 26-nation league.

Usher And Tameka Foster Are Expecting

YEAH! Sorry, we write that for any story involving Ursher. According to a statement released to The Associated Press, Usher and fiancée Tameka Foster have a baby on deck. It has also been brought to our attention that Tameka is 9 years older that Raymond Usher. Good deal. She also already has three kids. He dated Chilli from TLC back in the day and she had to be 8 or so years older than Usher. Maybe the Atlanta-based songster just likes ‘em older, like 50 Cent. Check out The Dish from February 22nd for more on Usher and Tameka.

K-Fed Makes New Demands on Britney

According to TMZ, Kevin Federline is refusing to sign the final settlement in his divorce from Britney Spears. Word on the street is that the deal set forth is worth $19 million that includes splitting the profit from the sale of their Malibu home. And now K-Fed is refusing to sign. Ostensibly, he wants to make sure Britney can take care of his kids before he agrees to the 50-50 custody. A skeptic would say that he’s holding out for more snaps.

Greg Norman To Get Divorced And Marry Chris Evert

From Mercury SPECULATION is mounting that Greg Norman plans to marry his lover Chris Evert, with the golfer trying to speed up his divorce. Lawyers representing the Great White Shark and his estranged wife Laura appeared in a Florida court yesterday to discuss divorce proceedings, with Mr Norman demanding that the court grant an order to legally end the 25-year marriage. Mrs Norman's lawyer Jack Scarola told the court that his client would not sign off on the divorce until the formal terms of her settlement - which is estimated to be worth at least $A100 million - were authorised by Mr Norman, who filed for divorce in July. "We resisted his request for the order to dissolve the marriage," Mr Scarola told The Daily Telegraph Online yesterday. "Greg is obviously very anxious to have a divorce decree enforced by the court but we do not want that until the terms have been settled.

Catholics Begin Campaign On Marriage

From USA Today DENVER (AP) — U.S. Roman Catholic bishops began a campaign Wednesday to strengthen the institution of marriage by encouraging spouses to perform simple day-to-day gestures for one another. The campaign, a series of radio and television spots, is part of a broader effort to bring a greater Catholic voice to the debate over the meaning of marriage. The spots show ordinary people in parks and other public places answering the question "What have you done for your marriage today?" The answers — waking up early with the baby, organizing a date night — are meant to promote small acts of kindness as medicine for making marriages last a lifetime.