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Author Sues `Knocked Up’ Director Judd Apatow

From The Associated Press LOS ANGELES -- A Canadian author has sued NBC Universal and director Judd Apatow claiming they ripped off the premise of the hit movie "Knocked Up" from her book of the same name. In an article for Maclean's magazine this month, Calgary-based author Rebecca Eckler details similarities between her book and the film, in which an up-and-coming TV reporter gets drunk at a party and then gets pregnant from a one-night stand. Eckler writes that in her 2004 book, she's an up-and-coming newspaper reporter who gets drunk and "knocked up" after celebrating at her engagement party. She claims that while pitching her book to Hollywood producers, she learned of Apatow's project and the script, which she says had on it a picture of a martini glass with a pacifier around the stem _ the same as the cover of her book. Tango’s Take

Is Britney Spears Dating Her Drug Counselor?

From MSNBC By Jeannette Walls The 25-year-old rehabbed star insists that her relationship with John Sundahl is purely professional — but her soon-to-be-ex-hubby insists they’re dating and her mother is thrilled the two are supposedly seeing each other, according to the National Enquirer. “John’s smitten with Britney,” a source described as “close to the new couple” told the tab. “I’ve never seen him act so ridiculous with a girl. He’s so in love with her that he’s risking his career just to keep her happy.” Tango’s Take

Jennifer Aniston and Kelly Rowland Anglophiles?

-Aniston Said to be Dating British Model People Magazine (and now everyone else) is reporting that Jennifer Aniston has a new romantic lead. They say that she is dating Paul Sculfor, a 36 year-old British model. We’re not going to reserve judgment on this one. The Aniston man-a-coaster has had too many ups and downs in the past few months for us to believe anything. Let’s recap: she was going the Julia Roberts route and dating some cameraman, then she was back with Vince Vaugh, then she was playing the field, then there was an ‘exploratory date’ with Orlando Bloom, there was even a rumor of reconciliation with Brad Pitt. And now this, some good-looking British dude. Just do what you want. Let us know if when she gets married or has a baby on deck. -Kelly Rowland is dating Manchester United star Kieran Richardson.

Is The Sex and the City Movie Going Forward?

From E! Online Okay, either the mushrooms in my salad were spiked, or I just saw Sarah Jessica Parker on tonight's Entertainment Tonight announce that the Sex and the City movie is...wait for it, wait for it...a go! Can you stand it? I do believe we may have just received the good news we SATC fans have been waiting for! In the ET interview, in which our beloved fashion plate SJP talks about the launch of her clothing line (available tomorrow), she breaks the news that the Sex and the City movie will happen and that they're "finally ready." Tango’s Take “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Oh my god! It’s happening! Wooooooooooo!”