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MTV Combats ‘Sucky’ Relationships

From Adweek By Kamau High NEW YORK What's the best way to tell someone that they're dating a "sucky" person? If things go independent Bradley & Montgomery's way, high-school girls will be doing it with short clips from season two of MTV's serial reality drama, The Hills. The snippets show series characters Lauren, Heidi and others saying just that sort of thing. The shorts, which promote the show's release on DVD, were uploaded to YouTube last Friday. Tango’s Take We’re glad that MTV is helping fight relationships that have a one-way ticket to sucktown. But we’re not 100% that the ladies from The Hills are the best choice for relationship advice. It’s a little like Ben Affleck suggesting an acting coach. It lacks credibility. But, in as much as some ladies may need a little push in the right direction from their girlfriends, we suppose this could be useful. TTYL. LMAO!

Simulated Relationships Offer Insight Into Real Ones

From Science Daily Science Daily — Is it me, or are you a less than ideal partner? For psychologists studying how people manage romantic relationships, that’s not an easy question to answer. What if one of the partners is deeply afraid of intimacy? Could she be acting in ways that undermine the relationship? Or is her partner contributing to the problem? In a new study appearing in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, researchers at the University of Illinois explore these issues by looking at the choices people make in simulated online dating relationships. By standardizing the behavior of the romantic “partner,” the study clarifies how each participant’s outlook influences his or her choices and satisfaction with the romance.

Cosmetic Breast Surgeries Tied to Increased Suicide Risk

From Forbes.com THURSDAY, Aug. 9 (HealthDay News) -- Women who undergo cosmetic breast augmentation surgeries are three times as likely to commit suicide as those who don't have surgically enhanced breasts, a new study finds. The increase in suicide risk does not emerge until about 10 years or more after women receive the implants, the research shows. This latest study adds to a growing body of research finding that women with cosmetic breast implants are much more likely to take their own lives, said study lead investigator Loren Lipworth, a senior epidemiologist at the International Epidemiology Institute in Rockville, Md. "It's one of five studies that have consistently shown an increased risk of suicide among women with cosmetic breast implants," she noted.

Woman Recovers Missing Ashes of Her Husband’s Previous Wife

From The Associated Press ELMIRA, New York: A woman who accidentally sold the ashes of her husband's previous wife has recovered them after a frantic search. When Anita Lewis sold a ceramic turtle Saturday for 50 cents to a woman who planned to use it as a cookie jar, she did not know the ashes were inside. Tango’s Take

Anne Heche And Husband Submit to Psychotherapy in Divorce Trial

A scene from with Psycho. From 2Snaps.tv by Molly Celaschi Remember Anne Heche? The cute blonde that was living with Ellen DeGeneres in a committed lesbian relationship, saw aliens and went cuckoo, then married a man and had a baby? Well, if you thought that hot mess was over, you were wrong. Anne Heche and husband Coley Laffoon have been in a bitter divorce battle arguing over such important issues such as “Who gets custody of the cat?” and “You stole my rug!” But things just got spicier indeed. CelebTV.com reports that both of the unstable parents have signed papers submitting to psychotherapy evaluations. The evaluation will consist of a number of tests and help decide who is more suitable, if at all, to care for their son. The results are to remain between the psychotherapist and the court. Tango’s Take

Melanie Brown Has Been (Married Since June)

From The Associated Press (AP) Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown, who gave birth to Eddie Murphy's daughter in April, married her boyfriend, Steven Belafonte, in June, according to Clark County marriage records. Murphy acknowledged his paternity of Brown's daughter, Angel, last week, one day after the 32-year-old singer took legal action to establish him as the parent. Belafonte is a movie producer whose recent credits include "Sisters" and "Thank You for Smoking." Brown was known as Scary Spice when she performed with the Spice Girls, whom she'll join for the band's reunion tour in December and January. Tango’s Take

Setting The Record Straight: Kim Porter And Scary Spice

Aight, this will be quick. Scary Spice aka Mel B aka Melanie Brown is set to go on Larry King Live to clear the air about her relationship/shared child with Eddie Murphy. She looks to be out for blood or money. Perez Hilton suggests that Eddie writes a big check. Sure, it’s callous but that may be the best way to get this to go away. For all of us. And Kim Porter has done an interview with OK! Magazine about her split with Diddy (Sean Combs to you old schoolers). She alleges that he had not been 100% faithful (shocker) and doubts that any man could be 100% faithful (well then). She also said that the J-Lo era was a total sham (now that’s hurtful). OK! is really tearing it up lately. They have this, they had the photo rights to the Parker-Longoria wedding, and they have the Britney photo-shoot fiasco.