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Swingers Are A Growth Business For U.S. Firms

From Reuters By Adam Tanner LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - Matt Virtue, who works as a consultant at a Washington law firm, says he spends more than $10,000 a year to attend conventions, hotels and clubs where he and his girlfriend can have sex with other partners. "Any other hobby that I was into at 40 years old is going to cost me $10,000," he said from a hot tub he was sharing with his girlfriend and a couple with whom they had been intimate the night before. "Dude, I'm addicted to it, there is no doubt about it." Such enthusiasm has turned what were once private passions into a multimillion dollar business. Lifestyles Organization, the nation's largest swinger services company, has annual sales of about $15 million. Swingers also bring in millions of dollars to specialty clubs and hotels in the United States as well as Jamaica, Mexico, France and elsewhere. Tango’s Take

Survey Reveals That Healthcare Providers Not Asking About Sexual Health

From MedicalNewsToday Findings from an international survey conducted by The Women's Sexual Health Foundation found that less than 9% of women ages 21 to over 80 are always asked by their healthcare provider if they are having sexual health difficulties. These findings have profound implications for women's health, as a significant portion of the female population will have some sort of sexually-related health difficulty or dysfunction in their lifetime. The survey underscores the critical need for women and health care professionals alike to communicate about this issue. Key Points: Female Sexual Dusfunction (FSD) -- Up to 90% of female cancer patients will have sexual health difficulties -- Up to 43% of women in general will experience sexual problems -- FSD is highly prevalent among women with stress urinary incontinence

Women Refreshing Body With "Recycled Sex"

From MSN Posh women are increasingly returning to the arms of their old beaus, even if they're as fat, bald and stinky as their husbands, in a phenomenon Shukan Gendai (8/18-25) labels "recycling sex." "Mie," as we'll call the 38-year-old housewife, comes from a more expensive part of Tokyo and is a case in point. "I live in a brand-new expensive condo with my doctor husband and our daughter. My husband makes 30 million yen a year. My favorite labels are Chanel and Hermes. I've recently joined a member's only gym, which I visit two or three times a week. I belonged to a tennis club that recently had a reunion, where I met up with my old boyfriend," Mie tells Shukan Gendai. A week after the fateful meeting, Mie and her ex met again, this time at a swank hotel in Yokohama where they had wild sex. Tango’s Take

Kansas City Man Uses Eye Chart To Propose

From The Kansas City Star By Edward M. Eveld As marriage proposals go, what this one lacked in romantic ambience it more than made up for in surprise. Sitting in the exam chair at Hunter Family Vision, with the eye-testing contraption over her eyes, Rebecca Savoy started to read the letters. The big E, of course. Then: W ILL Hmm, she thought. Odd there would be two L’s in a row. YOU MARRY “I thought, ‘That’s such a cute word to put up there,’ ” Savoy said. “I wasn’t putting two and two together. But when ‘ME?’ popped up, I just burst into tears.” Finally, “LOVE, JOSEPH.” Tango’s Take

Dina & Michael Lohan Reach Divorce Settlement

From AccessHollywood.com NEW YORK, New York (August 17, 2007) – After a long and nasty divorce battle, Dina and Michael Lohan have finally come to a settlement, Access Hollywood has learned. While terms of the settlement are not being made public, Michael Lohan's attorney John Dimascio Jr. confirmed to Access the couple will be legally divorced in the next 60-90 days. Tango’s Take Finally. Now they can get on with being the worst parents of all time. Is it a testament to their poor parenting that this is even a news item? We really have nowhere to go with this except to say some man and woman are probably going to marry these two at some point. Bad deal. Not fun. Not classy. In Other Celebrity Divorce News: The Shark, Greg Norman, has cut off financial support to his soon-to-be ex-wife. It’s being reported that Norman has stopped his wife’s credit cards and access to funds and is ‘starving her out’ in hopes of a speedier divorce finale. Good guy, The Shark.

Junk-Food Pregnancy Diets ‘Produce Obese Offspring’

From InTheNews.co.uk Women who eat junk food while pregnant and breastfeeding could produce children who are more likely to be overweight or obese, a new study warns. Research carried out at the Royal Veterinary College, London, suggests that pregnant and breastfeeding women should not indulge in fatty, sugary and salty foods while they are 'eating for two'. The impact of unhealthy diets in new mothers and mothers-to-be is thought to harm offspring's normal control of appetite and produce an exacerbated taste for junk food. Compared to rats given normal feed, rats that were fed a diet of processed junk food including doughnuts, muffins and sweets during pregnancy and lactation were found to produce offspring which overate and had a preference for junk foods rich in fat, sugar and salt. Writing in the British Journal of Nutrition, the research team argue their findings have implications for humans. Tango’s Take

The Sweet Science Just Got Sweeter: Couples Boxing

From The New York Times By Marcelle S. Fischler ADAM FORD, mild-mannered and trim at 170 pounds, doesn’t feel odd hitting his petite wife. How else will she learn to instinctively duck or perfect her combinations? Steve Schwartz and his wife, Jackie, on the heavy bags. Still, three years ago, when the couple started sparring together under a trainer’s supervision, throwing any punches at each other didn’t come easy. He’s still extra cautious. He sends pillow-fight-strength shots to her shoulders rather than use his full force during their weekly matchups at the Printing House Fitness and Squash Club in Greenwich Village. “Although I kind of paw at her and hit her to keep her honest, it is obviously pretty light,” said Mr. Ford, 31, a criminal defense lawyer. “She, however, is really able to unload on me.” Tango’s Take