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Us Weekly Says That Heath Ledger And Michelle Williams Are Splitsville

From US Weekly Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams have split, Us Weekly can confirm. A source close to the couple tells Us that Heath and Michelle "quietly and amicably split a few weeks ago." "The relationship had been rocky recently. They tried very hard to make it work but finally decided to separate. They just grew apart." The couple, who live in Brooklyn, NY and have a daughter, Mathilda, 23 months, met on the set of Brokeback Mountain in 2004. Tango’s Take

According To Research The Female Kiss That’s More a Relationship Assessment

From The Yorkshire Post Women use kissing as a means to assess a relationship and its future while men appear to kiss in a bid to increase the likelihood of having sex, a study has found. Women placed more importance on kissing and were more likely to evaluate their partner's kissing ability on factors such as the smell of their breath and the appearance of their teeth. The study of more than 1,000 students at the New York State University also found fewer women than men were willing to have sex without kissing their partners first. Women also felt that a bad kisser was less attractive. The study, published in Evolutionary Psychology, found men were less discriminating when it came to deciding who to kiss or who to have sex with. Tango’s Take

Study At Indiana University Finds That Women Are Choosier Than Men

From Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) - An Indiana University researcher is helping confirm what most women know: When given the choice for a mate, men go for good looks. And guys won't be surprised to learn that women are much choosier about partners than they are. Peter M. Todd of IU's cognitive science program and other researchers found that in a speed dating situation, men tended to select nearly every woman above a certain minimum attractiveness threshold. Women's actual choices, like men's, did not reflect their stated preferences, but they made more discriminating choices, the researchers found. Tango’s Take

K-Fed Versus Britney: This Time It’s Personal

Tango’s Take This divorce is being taken to the next level. We haven’t seen this many subpoenas since Ken Starr took on Slick Willy, babe. (That was us channeling Dennis Miller). Team K-Fed is passing out subpoenas like candy. Some of the highlights include serving Britney’s assistant at a late night party, serving her rehab center, attempting to serve Britney’s pal Sam Lufti (resulting in car collisions) and serving former Britney manager Larry Rudolph. Rupolph said that he wanted to stay out of the fray and dodged getting papers. They caught up to him at Sunset Tan. We sympathize; you need to have a nice tan living in LA. Now Team Federline is asking that Britney pay for his legal expenses. And they decided to publicize how much she makes per month ($737,868) to accomplish that. Diabolical. We would think that he would hilariously serve people by out-dancing them and informing then that ‘you’ve been served, sucka.’ And then moon walking out of sight.

Ex-Astronaut Can Take Off Ankle Bracelet

From CNN (CNN)  -- A former NASA astronaut accused of assaulting a romantic rival at a Florida airport can take off her electronic tracking bracelet while she awaits trial, a judge ruled Thursday. Attorneys for former astronaut Lisa Nowak said her ankle bracelet was uncomfortable and inconvenient. The bracelet was uncomfortable, inconvenient and cost Lisa Nowak $105 a week, her attorneys argued. Those reasons alone weren't enough to order the monitor removed, Orange County Circuit Court Judge Marc Lubet said in his ruling. He said the monitoring device was not fulfilling its purpose. Although the alleged victim, Air Force Capt. Colleen Shipman, testified earlier this month that she remains afraid of Nowak and wants the monitor to remain, Shipman "chose to travel to the defendant's hometown of Houston, Texas, on three or four occasions ... to visit her boyfriend" since the incident, Lubet wrote. Tango’s Take

Russians Get Day Off to Procreate, Then Win Prizes

From The Denver Post Moscow - A Russian region of Ulyanovsk has found a novel way to fight the nation's birth-rate crisis: It has declared Sept. 12 the Day of Conception and for the third year running is giving couples time off from work to procreate. The hope is for a brood of babies exactly nine months later on Russia's national day. Couples who "give birth to a patriot" during the June 12 festivities win money, cars, refrigerators and other prizes. Ulyanovsk, about 550 miles east of Moscow, has held similar contests since 2005. Since then, the number of competitors, and the number of babies born to them, has been on the rise. Russia, with one-seventh of Earth's land surface, has just 141.4 million citizens, making it one of the most sparsely settled countries in the world. With a low birth rate and a high death rate, the population has been shrinking since the early 1990s.

Shia LeBeouf Is Probably Not Dating Rihanna

From MTV UK Rihanna- the queen of R&B- is dating the new king of the cinema Shia LeBeouf, according to sources in America. The Umbrella hitmaker has been spotted with the star of Transformers The Movie several times including a recent romantic meal. According to Perez Hilton: “It’s all the talk of the Indiana Jones 4 set,” where Shia is currently filming. Tango’s Take

Polygamy: Court Disagrees Utah’s Ban on Plural Marriage Violates Rights

From The Salt Lake Tribune By Brooke Adams A lawsuit filed by a couple who were refused a marriage license when they sought to legally add a second wife to their family should have been dismissed by a Utah district court, an appeals court ruled Wednesday. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, in a 29-page opinion, said the trio lacked standing to challenge the decision by the Salt Lake County Clerk's Office through an attack on the constitutionality of Utah's criminal ban on polygamy. The judges ordered that a ruling in favor of Salt Lake County be vacated and the original lawsuit dismissed. The trio, identified as J. Bronson, G. Lee Cook and D. Cook, sued the Salt Lake County Clerk's Office in 2004 after being denied a second marriage license. A lower court rejected their claim that the denial violated their constitutional rights.