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Mel B had Lunch with Eddie Murphy’s Ex-wife.

From Female First.co.uk The Spice Girl, who is taking the 'Dreamgirls' actor to court to make him pay child support for their four-month-old daughter Angel Iris, was seen meeting Nicole Murphy at Beverly Hills restaurant The Ivy yesterday (02.08.07). A source told People magazine: "They seemed really friendly towards one another. They had a private meal in the back corner, away from everyone." Mel and Nicole, who were both wearing figure hugging dresses, laughed and whispered throughout their meeting. The singer brought along Angel Iris, while Nicole arrived with five-year-old Bella Zahra - her youngest daughter with Eddie. Tango’s Take

Rudy Giuliani Defends Wife Over Vanity Fair Article

From The Houston Chronicle WASHINGTON — Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani is defending his wife after a profile in Vanity Fair magazine described her as a "princess bride." At a news conference Tuesday in Norwalk, Conn., Giuliani said he scanned the article and found "enormous numbers of inaccuracies." The story, relying heavily on unnamed sources, said Judith Giuliani swoons over designer clothes, employs a full-time stylist and insists on a separate airplane seat for her Louis Vuitton handbag. Giuliani said his wife is a wonderful person who helped him through treatment for prostate cancer. Tango’s Take

Not Much Holiday Nookie: Passion, Vacation Don’t Mix

From CanWest News Service By Shannon Proudfoot Sunscreen and cameras will be stuffed into the suitcase, but massage oil and lingerie are likely to be left behind when Canadian baby boomers go on vacation, a new survey suggests. Less than half of Canadian baby boomers (43 per cent) say they have sex while on holidays, according to results released by Ipsos Reid. They say they have sex more often in the spring and summer months, but one-third have vacation sex only "sometimes," and 12 per cent say they rarely or never engage in adult pursuits while away from the daily grind. "If you're in a little cabin or tent with your kids, even if your intention is, 'Let's send the kids off berry-picking and we'll have a few hours by ourselves,' it's just not going to materialize," says Vancouver sex therapist Pega Ren.

Rhode Island Says Lesbians Married In Massachusetts Can Divorce

From The Boston Channel.com PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Gov. Donald Carcieri and Attorney General Patrick Lynch agree that two women can be granted a divorce by a Rhode Island court. The governor and the attorney general have filed separate legal briefs in the case of Margaret Chambers and Cassandra Ormiston, who were married in Fall River in 2004 after gay marriage became legal in Massachusetts. Carcieri and Lynch continue to disagree, however, on the larger issue of whether same-sex marriages performed in Massachusetts should be recognized in Rhode Island. Carcieri says the state should only recognize unions between one man and one woman, while Lynch has argued that same-sex marriages performed in Massachusetts should be recognized in the Ocean State. Tango’s Take

Ted Turner Steals Author’s Wife

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution By Richard L. Eldredge In a jaw droppingly frank e-mail to five of his Florida State University graduate students, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Robert Olen Butler has disclosed that his 44-year-old spouse, “His Lovely Wife” novelist Elizabeth Dewberry, is leaving him for 68-year-old CNN founder Ted Turner. “Rumors will soon be swirling around the department, so I want to tell the full and nuanced story,” Butler informed his colleagues. After going into detail about his wife’s unfortunate childhood, Butler writes: “It is very common for a woman to be drawn to men who remind them of their childhood abusers. Ted is such a man, though fortunately, he is far from being abusive. From all that I can tell, he is kind to her, loyal, considerate and devoted to his family, and perhaps, therefore, he can redeem some things for her.” Butler’s e-mail was posted on Tuesday on gawker.com. Tango’s Take

Vegans Put Sex With Meat-Eaters Off the Table

From The Daily Mail As a brush-off, "No sex please, I'm vegan", is likely to be a bit of a bolt from the blue compared to the usual excuses about having to rush off or the sudden onset of a splitting headache. But apparently vegan women like actress Alicia Silverstone, and even men, could feel so strongly about not coming into contact with meat that they will rule out sleeping with someone who does not share the same attitude to food. A study by the New Zealand Centre for Human and Animal Studies at Canterbury University asked 157 volunteers their attitudes on everything from wearing fur and battery farming to sex and relationships. Their report found vegans were operating under a new kind of "ethical sexuality" and would reject meat-eaters as either sexual or long-term partners. Tango’s Take