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Usher Gets Married And A Handful Of Other Celebrity Happenings

This may be just a case of celebrity weltschmerz, but nothing that interesting happened over the weekend. Celebs and gossip columnists must all be on celebrity vacation. It was more or less a market correction. Here we go: Usher and Tameka Foster got married. We barely have the energy to say it but, Yeah. After bailing on their wedding from the previous weekend (July 28th) they got hitched at his lawyer’s office. Rumors abound why they skipped last weekend’s wedding from failure to agree on plans to Usher’s mother disapproving of the match. Look over your shoulder one last time, that’s the past, we’re moving into the future.

The Wedding May Have Been Fun, But Did The Pastor Have The Authority?

From The New York Times By Devan Sipher IN an era of six-figure weddings when couples obsess about the band playlist and hand towels for the restrooms, one question may get short shrift: Is the person performing the wedding legally able to do so? Daniel Morales and Gwendolyn Baxter thought they knew. Their outdoor ceremony two summers ago in Farmington, Conn., was performed by a friend who had been ordained online by the Universal Life Church. Having heard of other couples who were married that way, they assumed it was legal. But Connecticut is one of a half-dozen places that do not recognize marriages performed by someone who became a minister for the sole purpose of marrying people. Such a minister “doesn’t meet the requirements of the state statutes,” said William Gerrish, a spokesman for the Connecticut Department of Public Health. Tango’s Take

Is Jessica Simpson Using a Dating Service?

From National Ledger By Tina Sims Shouldn't Jessica Simpson be able to find a date? The buxom blonde has no kids, loads of cash and is still very young. Still she made the cover of Us Weekly recently as unlucky in love and now a report from Life & Style Weekly claims that she is using a dating service. I know what you are thinking - it's papa Joe's fault she can't find love. The magazine has an item in this week's issue that reports that since splitting from Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson has dated a string of musicians and actors - John Mayer, Adam Levine, Dane Cook - but hasn't had luck finding true romance. Cue the rep™: Though Jess' rep denies it, a friend says the star is turning to a professional matchmaker to get the job done right! That has to be some job. Seriously, how hard can it be? Tango’s Take

Woman Says ‘Yes’ To Drive-By Marriage Proposal

From NBC6.net HIALEAH, Fla. -- A drive-by marriage proposal resulted in a happy ending on the Palmetto Expressway Thursday afternoon. Scott Saidel proposed to his girlfriend by displaying, 'Marle, would you marry me?' on a Mini Cooper billboard display beside the highway. "I'm a huge car fan and I'm a huge Marle fan, so yeah I would say they're two of my big loves," Saidel said. "It's sort of a sign of what's to come because my life revolves around cars and I guess hers is going to also." The Mini Cooper billboard usually displays snappy messages like, "Take the longcut" to promote the vehicle. Tango’s Take

Mel B had Lunch with Eddie Murphy’s Ex-wife.

From Female First.co.uk The Spice Girl, who is taking the 'Dreamgirls' actor to court to make him pay child support for their four-month-old daughter Angel Iris, was seen meeting Nicole Murphy at Beverly Hills restaurant The Ivy yesterday (02.08.07). A source told People magazine: "They seemed really friendly towards one another. They had a private meal in the back corner, away from everyone." Mel and Nicole, who were both wearing figure hugging dresses, laughed and whispered throughout their meeting. The singer brought along Angel Iris, while Nicole arrived with five-year-old Bella Zahra - her youngest daughter with Eddie. Tango’s Take