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Sexy Walk Could Be Masking A Lack Of Fertility

From The BBC A sexy swing of the hips may attract admiring glances, but it is not a covert sign a woman is ready to breed, according to researchers. A Queen's University, Ontario, team examined volunteers' walks and the levels of sex hormones in their saliva. They found those with alluring walks were the furthest away from ovulation. A British expert said the research, featured by New Scientist magazine, supported the idea women disguise their fertility to deter unsuitable partners. Tango’s Take

New Yorker Creates Website To Track Down 'Missed Moment'

From Wired.com By Jenna Wortham You: Blue gym shorts over dark blue tights, rosy cheeks and large flower pinned in hair. Me: Tall, skinny, listening to my iPod. Did we share a moment? If you’re anything like me and obsessively scan the missed connections section of the Craigslist personal ads, you know there are plenty of lonely hearts on mass transit (read: crazies).

Study: Kissing Important To Relationships

From Florida Today By Keilani Best Kissing is so common that many of us don't think there's more to it than meets the lips. Kissing is a universal language - a cross-cultural phenomenon, a sign of love, affection and kindness. But it could also be nature's way of filtering certain people from our lives.