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PCs And Mobile Phones Are Instrumental In Catching Cheating Spouses

From The New York Times By Brad Stone The age-old business of breaking up has taken a decidedly Orwellian turn, with digital evidence like e-mail messages, traces of Web site visits and mobile telephone records now permeating many contentious divorce cases. Jolene Barten-Bolender says she discovered a tracking device in a wheel well of the family car. Spurned lovers steal each other’s BlackBerrys. Suspicious spouses hack into each other’s e-mail accounts. They load surveillance software onto the family PC, sometimes discovering shocking infidelities. Divorce lawyers routinely set out to find every bit of private data about their clients’ adversaries, often hiring investigators with sophisticated digital forensic tools to snoop into household computers. Tango’s Take

Study Says Quarter Of A Billion People Will Use Mobile Dating Applications By 2012

From PC World By Oliver Garnham Over a quarter of a billion people will be using mobile dating and chatroom services by 2012, according to a new report from Juniper Research. The U.K. research firm said revenues from the two sectors will pass US$1 billion by 2010, while strong growth from India will contribute to 260 million users globally by 2012. "Major brands such as Match.com and Webdate have recognized that customers are willing to pay a mobility premium for 24/7 access to these services and are increasing deploying mobile applications to complement and enhance their existing offerings," said the report author, Dr Windsor Holden. Tango’s Take

Jaime King Talks About FedEx Engagement Fiasco

From People By Marla Lehner Jaime King's romance with fiancé Kyle Newman is like a fairytale – but she describes their engagement as "a scene out of a romantic comedy." The couple, who had picked out an engagement ring together, were expecting the jewelry to be delivered via FedEx the day before leaving for a getaway together. "Somehow we missed the FedEx truck, and I freaked out," King tells In Style Weddings for its October issue. "I wanted to go on the vacation engaged, with my ring! So I got in the car, and I stopped two FedEx trucks, saying, 'Do you have my ring?' It was like a scene out of romantic comedy, with me literally chasing down trucks!" Tango’s Take

Socialnetworking Sites Sometimes Result In An Email From Your Ex-Boyfriend’s Mom

From The New York Times By Saul Hansell One thing I’m actually enjoying about the surging popularity of Facebook—at least among the people I tend to know—is that it serves as a way to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances. I get a slow and steady stream of contact from people I’m glad to hear from. A two-year-old social network called Quechup seems to have developed a new twist on the market: putting you back in touch with people you never want to speak to again. For example, it recently enabled Liz Murray to get an e-mail from her ex-boyfriend’s mother. “I wish I were kidding,” Ms. Murray said in an e-mail to me. Quechup, in fact, helped me reconnect to Liz, who had approached me about a potential article a month ago. On Monday, I got an e-mail from her inviting me to join “Quechup… the social networking platform sweeping the globe.” Tango’s Take

Thanks, But No Thanks. I'm Asexual.

From The Sydney Morning Herald By Hilary Burden Apparently A-pride is the latest new sex club. But the difference is that this A stands for asexual. According to a recent New Scientist report in the US, it's seriously cool to be asexual. You can buy the T-shirt, join the messageboards at http://www.asexuality.org with 1700 or so registered members, shop online, or wear the slogan-printed G-string. Although only limited research exists, one survey suggests that just 1 per cent of the population are asexual. Apparently these are people who don't experience sexual attraction; never have, never will.

Rules To Follow When Getting A Gay Marriage In New England

From The Washington Post The procedures for gays and lesbians to marry or celebrate a civil union vary slightly in the different New England states offering those options. In Massachusetts, the rules are for marriages; in the other states, they're for civil unions. Tango’s Take This is a pretty informative look at the gay marriage scene in America’s Northeast. We had no idea that only New Mexicans and Rhode Islanders (and Mass-holes, natch) can have a legally sanctioned marriage in Massachusetts.  We’re not really sure what else to say except Rhode Island is neither a rhode nor an island. They should think about getting a slick, new name to drum up some tourism. We’re thinking East Connecticut would do it. They could say things like “welcome to the EC, bitch.” Have a good weekend, we’re going to go slam our hand in a car door.

A Woman is Ordained to the Catholic Priesthood.

From Newsweek By Karen Springen Sept. 13, 2007 - Last week 25-year-old Jessica Rowley became one of about a dozen women nationwide to make a highly unusual career move: she was ordained a Catholic priest. Rowley’s ordination—which took place at Eden Theological Seminary, a progressive institution in Webster Groves, Mo.—is approved by the Ecumenical Catholic Communion, a group of churches that decline to recognize the authority of the pope but see themselves nevertheless as Roman Catholic. This week Rowley—who is also married—begins working full-time as an associate pastor at Saints Clare & Francis, a breakaway parish in Webster Groves.