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Democratic Candidates Say They’re OK With Second-Grade Teacher Reading Gay Prince Fairy Tale

From Fox News By Catherine Donaldson-Evans A fairy tale about two princes falling in love sparked a backlash — and a lawsuit — against a teacher and a school last year when it was read to a second-grade class in Massachusetts. But the three frontrunners in the Democratic presidential race suggested Wednesday night at their debate in New Hampshire that they’d support reading the controversial book to children as part of a school curriculum. Moderator Tim Russert asked John Edwards, Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton whether they’d be comfortable having the story — called “King & King” — read to their children in school. Tango’s Take

Dylan McDermott And His Wife Separate

From InTouch Big Shots star Dylan McDermott has separated from his wife of almost 12 years, Shiva Rose. Like a true Hollywood fairy tale, Dylan saw Shiva in a coffee shop and instantly fell in love. "I was in love with her right away," he said in a 2001 interview with Diane Sawyer. Tango’s Take Didn’t this already happen? We thought they broke up months ago. And wasn’t he married to Catherine Keener? Wait, that was Dermott Mulroney. Those guys are tough to tell apart, like the Bills (Paxson and Pullman). We just hope that Rupert Everett is keeping track of his relationship. Wait, isn’t he… Anyway, we’re pretty sure that McDermott’s wife will land on her feet. Her name is Shiva Rose and we’re pretty sure that she’s an Indian superhero. Read More Of The Original Article…

The Great Hills Debate: Plastic Surgery Revenge?

From AccessHollywood.com LOS ANGELES, Calif. (September 27, 2007) – Revenge might be a dish best served cold, but the feud between The Hills stars Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad continues to remain red hot. When Access Hollywood caught up with the former friends-turned-foes at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Party on Wednesday night, Heidi defended her recent plastic surgery while Lauren questioned her old pal's motives. "I'm not ashamed of what I do in my life," the post-makeover Montag told Access. While the headline on the cover of the new Us Weekly screams "Plastic Surgery Revenge," Heidi told Access that a troubled body image led to her decision to undergo breast augmentation and a nose job. Tango's Take

Why Online Dating Sites Are Ripe With Scammers

From The Wall Street Journal By Jeremy Wagstaff SINGAPORE -- Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between love and a scam. For Australian sheep farmer Des Gregor, it wasn't until he was safe inside the Canadian Embassy in Mali that it dawned on him there might be a connection between the African men who had been holding him at knifepoint demanding $100,000 and Natacha, the Liberian refugee he'd fallen in love with over the Internet. Until then, he says, he'd believed that somehow the pastor, Natacha and her brother he'd been corresponding with via an online dating Web site were real, and his ordeal at the hands of men who had kidnapped him on his arrival from Adelaide was just a detour on the road to true love. Tango’s Take

The CDC Reports That 15% of Women Struggle With Pregnancy-Related Depression

From Forbes FRIDAY, Sept. 28 (HealthDay News) -- One in seven women suffers from depression before, during or after pregnancy, a new study finds. The consequences of depression can be devastating to the mother, her baby and her entire family, according to the report in the October issue of The American Journal of Psychiatry. "The prevalence of women diagnosed with depression before, during and after pregnancy was pretty similar," said lead author Patricia Dietz, an epidemiologist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Division of Reproductive Health. "There are a lot of women who are becoming pregnant with depression, and that's really important for people providing prenatal care to be aware of," she said. Tango’s Take

Religious Group Urges Overturn Of Ban On Same Sex Marriage

From Signs On San Diego By Sandi Dolbee SAN DIEGO – More than two dozen San Diego clergy members have joined hundreds of colleagues around the state in support of one the most divisive issues in society today: same-sex marriage. The local clergy, ranging from Rabbi Laurie Coskey of the Union for Reform Judaism to the Rev. Scott Richardson of St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral, signed a brief asking the state Supreme Court to overturn California's ban on homosexual marriages.

New Techniques Extend Women’s Fertility

From The Mirror.co.uk BY Caroline Jones Thirty-something women are often haunted by the baby dilemma - have a child now or wait and risk leaving it too late to ever start a family? But a new scientific breakthrough, which allows women to prolong fertility, means some can have babies much later in life. Freezing embryos has been possible for years but now eggs can be frozen and used for IVF later. A woman of 40 is more likely to get pregnant using eggs frozen in her early 30s than with her 40-year-old eggs. Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director of Midland Fertility Services which offers egg freezing, says: "Now women can preserve their fertility as men have for decades with sperm freezing." Tango’s Take

New Research Suggests that Certain Types of Cancer are Linked to Divorce.

From ABCNews.com By Michael Kahn BARCELONA (Reuters) - The risk of divorce increases if one partner suffers from testicular or cervical cancer, but other types have no effect on whether a couple stays together, Norwegian researchers said on Thursday. With most forms of cancer, the healthy spouse was likely to support his or her partner through the illness, according to the study presented at the European Cancer Conference in Barcelona. The research compared divorce rates of 215,000 cancer survivors with those among couples free of cancer over a 17-year period. However, testicular and cervical cancer seemed to lead to a higher chance of marriages breaking up, the study found. Tango’s Take

Manual Sex Is Back In Style

From LA Weekly By Seven McDonald IT’S A FRIDAY and "Carrie Berkowitz," a 30-something TV writer who’d prefer to hide her real identity, is sitting over a bowl of bouillabaisse and a glass of white wine musing about a recent development on her social landscape. "In the past few months, I’ve heard of three single girlfriends of mine giving guys hand jobs. Not as a part of sex or leading to sex. Just a hand job and that’s it." Berkowitz, who is married and the mother of a 6-month-old, feels the whole "hand-job thing" is some sort of indication of a growing fear of intimacy among the still-single set. "It’s just weird to me," she says, sipping her wine. "The last time I gave someone a hand job to fruition was probably in high school, like listening to ‘White Lines’ and wearing braces. It’s creepy, it reminds me of, like, you accidentally ended up in a car with your teacher and you gave him a hand job."

Superman Brandon Routh Getting Hitched In A Couple Of Months

From Ireland Online Superman Brandon Routh will make longtime girlfriend Courtney Ford his super-wife in November when the couple weds in Santa Barbara, California. The actor has secured the Bacara Resort & Spa for his romantic beach nuptials on November 24. Tango’s Take Good work, Ireland Online. Now all of his enemies know his secret identity, his wife’s name and where they’re getting married. Next time print a recipe for Kryptonite. If it’s anything like homemade Prozac it takes a lot of iced cream. We’re not sure if there is an award for excellence in casting. But whoever found Brandon Routh deserves the opposite of a knuckle sandwich for casting him as the man of steel. Well done. And we wish Brandon the best of luck in his future marriage and finding another role that’s not Superman. Read More Of The Original Article…