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Video Games Are Now For Couples

According to a study in Australia, more and more young couples are playing video games together. And the manufacturers are making more games for couples from Dance Dance Revolution to the new Rock Band there is a real market here. So plug in, tune out, remember that the couple that plays together stays together.

UK’s Bad Sex In Fiction Award To Be Given Today

Britain's Literary Review's Bad Sex In Fiction Award is due today. The award is given to the most awkwardly written sex passage in a major piece of literature. Tom Wolfe won once for I Am Charlotte Simmons. Nominees include Norman Mailer and Sebastian Faulks.

Iowa Woman Is Given Probation In HIV Transfer Case

A woman in Iowa has been given four years of probation for not disclosing to her partner that she had HIV. She was initially sentenced to 25 years but the judge reduced it. She also has to write the man an apology. This pretty much violates all levels of sexual etiquette and human decency standards.

Superman Brandon Routh Gets Married And Lily Allen To Quit The Biz

Lily Allen has said that she is going to quit the music game. After the current album that she’s working on, Still, she is going to retire from the biz. She wants to raise kids (and pigs and chickens) in the country. She is currently dating Ed Simons from The Chemical Brothers. We love this celebrity cliché, ‘Life is so hectic, I just want to get a place in the country and forget about the world for a while.’ A) Farming is not easy. B) Sarah Silverman already said this about Britney, but if Lily sticks to her plan it will probably be a major relief to accomplish everything that you’re going to accomplish in life by the age of 25. Just put it on cruise-control, whoadee. Read More About Lily’s Plans At Starpulse…