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US Teen Birth Rates Rise For The First Time Since '91

The figures from 2006 on teen pregnancy are in. And teen pregnancy beat common sense. Teen pregnancy has been risen for the first time since 1991. Some experts say that it's a small insignificant bump. Critics blame abstinence-only sexual education.

19th Century Hysteria Treated With Vibrators

Did you know that doctors in the 1800's used to treat female hysteria with masturbation? Funny and true. We're not 100% why that practice stopped. It seems like a few uptight people could do with a little pressure release. Sometimes science has to take a step back before it can move forward, it seems.

Jessica Simpson And Tony Romo Seen Together, Again

What a hot streak Tony Romo is on. He's had various celebrity hottie rumors and it is looking like the one about Jessica Simpson is true true true. In addition to that, he just defeated his idol, Brett Favre, in a head to head match up. Yup, it's a good life for sure.

In The UK: Banks Accidentally Outing Gays

Banks and other institutions are accidentally outing gays. Because of recent changes in laws in the UK (i.e. domestic partnerships), institutions no longer have the proper paperwork to accurately reflect some marital (or non-marital) statuses. Some homosexuals couples, as a result, have had to get special treatment and have thus been outed.

Lily Allen Quits Therapy In Favor Of Boyfriend

Lily Allen has given up on therapy. She gave up on it after two months of dating Ed Simons from The Chemical Brothers. It looks like John Lennon was right (again), all you need is love. These guys are moving pretty fast. She's already talked about quitting music and raising a family.

New Mobile Technology Helps Singles Meet Someone In The Bar

We've all been there. You're in a bar and want to chat up some nice-looking person. You've got no way to break the ice. Should you use a lame joke or purchase a drink? A new service says, 'none of the above.' Ping that person on their mobile and see if they're interested. If so, go for it. If not, nothing lost. Sounds like an entrepreneur couldn't handle rejection.

Bank Analyst And Husband Get 18 Months On Insider Trading Charges

Some couples just do everything together. From watching TV and working out to plotting and committing corporate fraud. Banking couple Jennifer Wang and Ruopian Chen got a nice set of matching sentences for their part in an insider trading scheme. And the fun is just starting for the 'Bonnie and Clyde of Identity Theft,' Jocelyn Kirsch and Edward Anderton. Those two are accused of using information from their neighbors to fuel and extravagant lifestyle.

You’re Not His Girlfriend Until Facebook Says So

It's always been hard to know where you stand in a relationship. Until now. The geniuses over at Facebook have figured out a way to solve this little problem. They have created the best 'Status' indicator since the wedding band. It lets everyone involved know if you're an single, married, or whatever.

Did Lindsay Lohan Dump Her Boyfriend For Heath Ledger?

It looks like there may have been more of an impetus for Lindsay Lohan to breakup with her rehab boyfriend, Riley Giles. It could be that she met a man from the land down under. Rumor has it that Lindsay Lohan and Heath Ledger are enjoying the pleasure of each other's company these days.