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Terrell Owens Was Just Clowning With Jessica Simpson

Terrell Owens is playing down comments that he made about Jessica Simpson's negative impact on Tony Romo's play in a terrible loss for the Cowboys to the Eagles. He is playing the whole thing off as a goof. And that we should probably not take everything he says so literally. We had a feeling that TO didn't want to cause any ruckus.

Woman Gets Married In Toilet Paper Dress

A contest was held jointly by Charmin and a wedding website to create a wedding gown made from toilet paper. A designer won the contest and a lucky couple from Kentucky won a trip to New York City to get married in that gown. No word on whether or not the groom's tux was made from Brawny paper towels.

'A Shot At Love' Contestant Getting Spin-Off

Somehow the television program A Shot Of Love With Tila Tequila was popular enough to not only get picked up for a second season but to also be spun off. MTV is bringing back the tiny bi-sexual Tequila and also giving contestant Domenico Nesci a second chance to find love on his new show That's Amore. The first shots in the war on civilization have been fired.

Has Kate Middleton Moved In With Prince William?

Has Kate Middleton Moved In With Prince William?

According to rumour, Kate Middleton has moved into Prince William's apartments at Clarence House. This may be a bit of departure of the usual decorum of a royal relationship. We were under the impression that royals typically got engaged, married, and then moved in. Otherwise they're supposed to be spirited in and out under cover of nightfall. Oh well.

Diane Kruger Loves Dating Joshua Jackson

How could we have missed this? The face that launched a thousand ships is dating the toughest boy from Capeside. Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger are dating and really like each other but are spending the holidays with their respective families. Wow. Looks like the successful Dawson's Creek alumni may have to start looking out for JJ at premieres again.

Adopted Man Finds Birth Mother At Work

In a bizarre twist of fate a Michigan woman found herself working at the same store as the son that she gave up for adoption 22 years before. The son began trying to track her down four years ago and recently found out that they work together. It's a small, goofy world and Michigan is a small, goofy place. Happy Holidays.

Shocking Famous Pregnancies

Well then, it looks like someone's got some explaining to do. How irresponsible do you have to be to go and get pregnant at such a tender, young age? Honestly, how many 25-year olds are ready to raise a baby, Lily Allen? Lily Allen and boyf Ed Simon have a baby on the way. And some girl from one of the Disney shows, Jamie Lynn Spears, is pregnant too.

Tony Parker Suing Gossip Site For Infidelity Story

Tony Parker and wife Eva Longoria are suing a gossip site for its part in printing an interview alleging that Parker strayed from his wife. Model Alexandra Paressant told X17.com that she and the San Antonio Spurs guard did the dirty deed two months after he was married to Eva. And he is suing everyone's pants... on.