Wondering which celebs are getting married, falling in love or sneaking off the red carpet for a secret snog? Celebrity Love keeps you up to date on your favorite stars love lives

Jessica Alba Has A Baby On Deck

Jessica Alba has a baby in her belly. And not just any baby, a baby she's conceived with on-again, off-again Cash Warren. Good deal for everyone but especially him. Now they are linked for life. Also a good deal for the baby, who gets to be born.

Fertility And Lap Dance Tips

Over the summer, a study was published correlating a stripper's menstrual cycle with her earnings. Essentially, ovulating strippers made more money than those experiencing their periods. The theory is that men find ovulating women more attractive.

Lay-Overs And Flight Delays Are Great For Singles

Flight delays have become such a problem that the president has threatened to do something about it. But there's one group that's figured out how to turn lemons in to lemonade. Singles. Airports are a great new place to meet other singles. Hey, you already have one think in common. Hatred of the airline industry.

Did Nick Lachey Get Married Over The Weekend?

FemaleFirst's celebrity site is reporting that a source told them that Nick Lackey and girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo had a secret wedding this weekend. Their representatives are denying it (of course). It sounds far-fetched, but who knows? Stranger things have happened.

Rhode Island Denies Lesbian Couple’s Divorce Petition

In a stunning reversal, the Rhode Island supreme court has ruled that a gay couple married in Massachusetts cannot receive a divorce in RI. This is the second such high-profile case that has denied lesbians a divorce because their state does not recognize the union in the first place.

Scott Baio Gets Married

Scott Baio is no longer 45 and single. He is now 46 and married. Over the weekend, he was wed to long-time girlfriend Renee Sloan in a rooftop LA ceremony. Someone, somewhere had better figure out a way to get him back on TV. He's compelling.

Texas Swingers Clubs Being Outlawed

The small town of Duncanville, Texas is back in the news. This Dallas suburb has been trying to rid themselves of the scourge that is private sex parties. They tried putting a limit on parking. And now they're saying that they're illegal for charging money. Swinging enthusiasts think that some conservatives are trying to legislate morality.