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Joblessness Is Very Bad For Family Health

From The Press Association The Government's crusade for full employment has been strengthened by "shocking" statistics about the impact on people's health of being out of work, a minister is to say. Work and Pensions Secretary Peter Hain will tell a conference in London that being unemployed is bad for the health of parents as well as their children. He will say the notion that life without work is stress-free was wrong. A recent study showed that the death rate for children of parents who had never worked or were long-term unemployed was 13 times that for the children of professional employees, according to Mr Hain. Tango’s Take

A New Study Seeks Genetic Clues To Homosexuality

From The Associated Press By Lindsey Tanner CHICAGO - Julio and Mauricio Cabrera are gay brothers who are convinced their sexual orientation is as deeply rooted as their Mexican ancestry. They are among 1,000 pairs of gay brothers taking part in the largest study to date seeking genes that may influence whether people are gay. The Cabreras hope the findings will help silence critics who say homosexuality is an immoral choice.