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Man Proposes Via Crossword Puzzle

From The Associated Press BOSTON - It was the crossword puzzle fan's version of getting his marriage proposal plastered on a stadium Jumbotron. Aric Egmont and Jennie Bass were working on a puzzle titled "Popping the question" in the latest issue of The Boston Globe Sunday magazine. Bass spotted her sister's name and her best friend's name, but initially thought it was just a coincidence. Then they got to 111 across: "Generic proposal" (Jen + Aric generic). The answer: "Will you marry me?" "We get to the `Will you marry me?' clue, and I said, `Will you marry me, Jenny?' I got up, got the ring, and got down on one knee and she screamed, and hugged me. It took her a minute to say yes," Egmont told the Globe. Tango’s Take

Beyond the Pale? Bollywood Star Hawks Skin Lightening Product

From The BBC By Naresh Puri One of Bollywood's biggest film stars is being criticized by Asian campaigners for promoting a skin-lightening cream - a product that is now on the shelves of British shops. The 40-second advertisement from India starts like so many others promoting razors or hair dye - but it's an ad with a very big difference. There's a man who has no luck with the girls. He has markedly darker skin than his friends and the girl he is after. In a real song-and-dance Bollywood extravaganza, one of the biggest heartthrobs of Indian cinema, Shahrukh Khan, hands over a cream to the hapless chap, along with some mild admonishment. Within a few weeks, the young man has turned much lighter-skinned and confident. As he strides down the road like a modern-day answer to John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, the girls start flocking to him and chanting: "Hi handsome, hi handsome." Khan comes back into view with the product, Fair and Handsome. Tango’s Take

Survey Finds Women Own More Game Consoles Than Men

From Online Media Daily By Douglas Quenqua ARE MALE VIDEO GAME ENTHUSIASTS actually outnumbered by their female counterparts in the U.S.? Do most of the Xboxes, Wii's and PlayStations in this country actually belong to women? Conventional wisdom would say no--but a new survey from JWT suggests otherwise. Of the more than 1,000 respondents to the Denizens of Digitivity survey, released last week, 44% of women said they own a gaming console such as a Wii, Xbox or PlayStation, compared with just 39% of men. The survey was conducted online from Sept. 7-11. Tango’s Take

No Prenup? Take These Steps

From TheStreet.com By Karen Hube Turn up the lights, turn down the music and forget about romance. It's time to face the business side of marriage. Cold as that may sound, the Census Bureau recently released data that should make even the most blissfully married couples forget pheromones and focus on finances. According to the Bureau, the length of first marriages has been getting steadily shorter since it started collecting such data in 1955. Of couples married back then, about 70% made it to their 25-year anniversary. Now, fewer than half of couples who were to celebrate their silver anniversary sometime after 2000 actually ended up doing so. The majority of marriages ended, due to divorce, separation or death. "Even the most optimistic people have to ask themselves, 'What financial shape would I be in if my marriage ended?'" says Marilyn Capelli, a financial adviser in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Tango’s Take

Sometimes Your Marriage Isn’t Ready For Retirement

From Forbes.com By Jan Cullinane and Cathy Fitzgerald Research has shown some common threads about the effects of retirement and working (or not working) on couples. One study looked at transitions in retirement involving 534 married couples in their 50s, 60s or 70s who were retired or about to retire from several large businesses in upstate New York. Husbands and wives reported greater marital satisfaction if they retired at the same time. While men with nonworking spouses had greater marital satisfaction than those with working wives, regardless of whether the men themselves worked, those men who didn't work but had a working spouse reported the most marital conflict. Women experienced the highest marital satisfaction if they entered new jobs after retiring and their husbands were also working, but men who worked after retiring from their primary job experienced more marital discord than those men who didn't work.

Salma Hayek Finally Gives Birth

From TMZ Salma Hayek, who seemed to be pregnant for the last three years, finally gave birth today to a baby girl named Valentina Paloma Pinault. "Mother and child are doing well," her publicist said in a statement. This is Hayek's first child and the third for her fiancé, Francois-Henri Pinault. Tango’s Take We were psyched to see this on TMZ (or MTZ, as our moms call it). Salma Hayek, as far as we know, epitomizes everything good about Hollywood. She seems like she’ll be a good momma. Some of the gossip sites thought that she had been pregnant for like five years. We thought that it went by very quickly. We were pretty sure that she was on the accelerated celebrity birth plan. Maybe we just love our job more than they do and time flies by for us. We may be remembering incorrectly but we’re pretty sure that Valentina will get an opportunity to see something from Salma that the rest of us haven’t seen since Desperado (hint: it’s her boobs).

25th Anniversary Mark Elusive for Many Couples

From The New York Times By Sam Roberts Don’t stock up on silver anniversary cards. More than half the Americans who might have celebrated their 25th wedding anniversaries since 2000 were divorced, separated or widowed before reaching that milestone, according to the latest census survey, released yesterday.