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Sometimes Financial Opposites Attract

A Minneapolis couple are planning on getting married. Before they do, they have to settle a few financial differences. It turns out that he makes a lot of money, but spends even more. And she makes a good salary but squirrels it all away. How is this couple going to make it last? Find out.

New Dating Show Involves A Post-Op Transvestite And A Bunch Of Dudes

Logo, MTV's network catering to Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgenders has a new show due out in 2008. They're are trying to match up a post-op transgender, Calpernia Addams, with a heterosexual man via a dating show. Don't worry, the guys are in on the secret. Also, Tila Tequila may not be all she appears to be.

Business Partners Now Trying Couples Therapy

How are business partnerships and relationships alike? They both take work, compromise, and understanding. That's why some business partners see couples therapists. Maybe a new job exists, part career coach and part relationship therapist.