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Swingers Sue Dallas Suburb Over Sex-Party Ban

An at-home sex club in suburban Dallas has been shut down. The city of Duncanville decries that it is a public nuisance and has outlawed live sex acts. And the swingers are, um, swinging back. They're suing the city for something or other. The patron of the club claims that the vagueness of the law is an attempt to codify morality. Anyone ever notice that most of these things are frequented by older, sometimes less attractive folks? No one would have a problem with these orgies if it was a bunch of good-looking young go-getters. Not aging dudes with ponytails just trying to 'live the dream.'

Study Explains Pregnancy's Balancing Act

A couple of anthropologists just discovered how pregnant women don't fall down. They lean backwards. And their lower backs have adapted to the clenching muscles by growing thicker. Men and monkey's have not developed this advantage. It's somehow comforting to know that pregnant women aren't suffering too much or defying physics.

Most British Babies Now Born Outside Marriage

It was just report that in the UK more children are now born out-of-wedlock than to wed parents. This is a major shift, 30 years ago it was 1 in 10. The definition of illegitimate will probably have to be reassessed. Maybe illegitimate now can mean 'as a result of a one-night stand, drunken hookup, or illicit affair.'

UK Women May Get The Pill Without Prescription

The new British equivalent of the Surgeon General wants to experiment with making the pill available without prescription. The morning-after pill is largely available in the UK without prescription. We just hope that kids don't start using these pills recreationally. That could be a problem. Though it may limit teen pregnancies.

Wealth Increases A Guy's Marriage Prospects, According To A Study

A recent study concluded that rich men have an easier time finding spouses. The study went on to postulate that when men are scarce, like after a war, it's easier for any guy to find a wife. The study concludes that there is some relationship between supply and demand at some level. And that quality is most important when competition is fierce.

30 Rock's Jane Krakowski Is Dating Marc Singer

Jane Krakowski is dating Marc Singer who played the Beastmaster. This sounds like a plot straight out of Krakowski's show 30 Rock. Hopefully, they can figure out a way to incorporate this real life event into the show's plot.

Pam Anderson and Rick Salomon To Star In Reality Show

This was fast. E! has decided to create a reality show around the newly married Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon. You may remember these two from a couple of steamy home sex tapes (note: they did not 'act' together in any of these movies). This was sort of a no-brainer for E!, but it does make you wonder how a couple that has only been dating since September would agree to this. Hmm. Compelling television.

Obese Women Far Less Likely To Get Pregnant

A recent study came out showing that women with a Body Mass Index above 29 or in the obese range have problems becoming pregnant. Many scientists have a problem with BMI but this thing appears to have some strong correlation. Another reason to lose a little weight or another thing to feel badly about?