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Reporter Proposes To Tom Brady

The media get a little crazy this time of year. A reporter from a Mexican TV station decided to dress in full wedding gear and ask Tom Brady to propose to her. When she got shot down she decided to try other players. Good luck.

In Japan: Time Off For Breaking Up

A marketing firm in Japan has a new, love-positive HR policy. They allow employees time to recover from breakups. The firm allows older employees more time off (ostensibly they're in more serious relationships). This probably will actually increase productivity in the long run.

Harry Potter Actor Breaks Up With Girlf

The star of Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, has broken up with his girlfriend Laura O'Toole. The two met on the set of the play Equus. In other news, JK Rowley said that ending her relationship with Harry Potter was far worse than getting a divorce.

Gwen And Gavin Have Another Baby On Board

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are having another child. The two rockers had it confirmed to People. Speculation is that that they are just into their second trimester. Their son Kingston is almost 2 years old.

Specific Hormone Replacement Can Boost Libido

Some advocates think that Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy could be the best solution for flagging sex drive. Essentially, a person's hormone levels are measured and returned to a more robust level and balance. Critics are weary of side-effects.

Australians May Need Birth Control Lessons

Nearly 60% of all unintended pregnancies in Australia claim to have used birth control of one type or another. Women's groups in Australia are now asking the government to step in and educate young people about safe sex.

Ashlee Simpson To Get Dating Show

It looks like the Simpson family (not the cartoons) is heading back to reality television. Family Patriarch Joe is in talks to get Ashlee Simpson a reality dating show. This would be her second foray into reality TV, which helped launch her recording career. No word on whether or not boyfriend Pete Wentz is on board.

Brazil’s Carnival Needs Condoms

Brazil's Carnival is one of the greatest parties in the world. And the government is providing condoms to make sure that it stays fun. Not everyone thinks this is such a good idea. Catholic groups, who oppose the use of birth control, thinks this only encourages bad behavior.

Some Men Think They’re Better Off Alone

33% of men in their early 30's are single. This is higher than any time in history. Some of those guys are happily single. But there's a social and career price to pay for being unattached. The crazy thing is, now that single men are starting to get a little slack from society, settling down is starting to be cool again.

Brady Vs. Manning: It’s Personal(ity)

The Superbowl is this coming Sunday, the 3rd of February. The teams are the Giants and the Patriots. It ought to be a good one. The two quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Eli Manning, are stylistic throwbacks to guys from the 1960s and 1970s, Joe Namath and Roger Staubach.