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Shocking Famous Pregnancies

Well then, it looks like someone's got some explaining to do. How irresponsible do you have to be to go and get pregnant at such a tender, young age? Honestly, how many 25-year olds are ready to raise a baby, Lily Allen? Lily Allen and boyf Ed Simon have a baby on the way. And some girl from one of the Disney shows, Jamie Lynn Spears, is pregnant too.

Tony Parker Suing Gossip Site For Infidelity Story

Tony Parker and wife Eva Longoria are suing a gossip site for its part in printing an interview alleging that Parker strayed from his wife. Model Alexandra Paressant told X17.com that she and the San Antonio Spurs guard did the dirty deed two months after he was married to Eva. And he is suing everyone's pants... on.

Hopeful Scientist: Sex W/ Robots Likely

An expert on robotics has just written a book called Love+Sex With Robots. He's surmising that humans and robots will start having sex with each other soon. And the stigma will go away. And people will marry robots. Or so he hopes, because DonnaBot 3000 is itchin' to meet his family.

Ali Larter Gets Engaged

Ali Larter and relatively unknown boyfriend, Hayes MacArthur got engaged recently. She is on a hot streak lately with Heroes. Hopefully married life won't drag her down. And things are looking up for him these days too.

Harvey Weinstein Weds

Big wig producer and co-founder of Miramax Films, Harvey Weinstein got married over the weekend. He got hitched to an English fashion designer. They got hitched in the town of Westport, CT.

UK Study: Binge Drinking Can Lead To VD And Pregnancy

In the UK, a study by sexual health clinic has connected binge drinking with sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy. Not much of a news flash, right? Well, we suppose someone has to put together a study before any public policy can be determined. We're not sure how much anyone can do though outside of educating the public.

Match.com Wants To Hook Up With Facebook

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Match.com wants to get in on some of the Facebook action. They are debuting new features that will allow Facebookers to meet up and keep track of Match.com dating enthusiasts. This meeting of new media and newer media may be a little uncomfortable for the younger crowd, we'll see.