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College Credit For Wedding Planning

George Mason University in Fairfax, VA has offered a class in wedding planning. The class is for credit and apparently a lot of work. The professor is a former wedding planner who actually co-wrote the text book. College kids do not need this kind of pressure.

Study: Be Happy But Not Too Happy

A survey conducted by the Universities of Illinois, Michigan, and Virginia show that being happy helps people succeed in life, love, and business. But being too happy takes away some of that success. So, be happy but always have some room for improvement to keep you hungry.

Josh Hartnett And Kirsten Dunst?

Hollywood stars are famous for on-set hookups. But it looks like the new place to get down is the film festival circuit. Rumor has it that Josh Hartnett and Kirsten Dunst are enjoying each other's company at the Sundance Film Festival.

Jessica Simpson Fights Back

It's no secret what the sports world thinks of Jessica Simpson's relationship to Tony Romo. But the entertainment industry has always had her back. Until OK! Magazine printed a story about Romo dumping her. Apparently, they're still dating.

After Hours Shenanigans Get Aussie Canned

An Australian woman was fired for an after-party indiscretion. It turns out that she hooked up next to sleeping coworkers and bathed with them too. A Federal Court upheld the firing primarily because the employee did not come clean (some pun intended) about the affair. Her legal team called it un-Australian.

Wife Of Britney’s Boyf Ready For Divorce

We're basically sick of Britney Spears loony news. From now on, nothing until she does something memorable. Here's what she's been up to lately: custody hearings (made some, missed some), running around naked, dating a photographer, and breaking up said photographers marriage. Fin!

Breaking The Big, Bad Taboo Of IVF

Because of a recent spate of high-profile multiple-birth cases people are not afraid to ask about it. Back in the day no one would ask how you got pregnant ('uh, sex?'), but now it appears to be a game question. A Phoenix based columnist named Laura Brown asks some interesting questions and brings up some good points in the ask-and-tell world of making babies.

False Celebrity Engagement Rumors

The rumor mill is always hard at work when it comes to celebrity relationships. Unfortunately, they jump the gun occasionally (or spill the beans). It just so happens that two hot Hollywood couples have one thing in common: they are not engaged as previously thought. Relationships featuring Ryan Reynolds, Scarlett Johansson, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Reese Witherspoon are not about to be made official.