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Unhappy Marriages Really Stress Women Out

A study conducted by the University of California shows that women in unhappy marriages have a huge amount of stress chemicals in their system. Men in unhappy marriages do not show this same level of stress.

Jessica Alba Gets Engaged To Cash Warren

After conceiving a child together, Jessica Alba and Cash Warren have gotten engaged. These two have had an up-and-down relationship for years and it really could only have gone this way. Well, they probably have as good or better chance of any other Hollywood couple.

Best Of The Dish: The State Of English Marriage

Fewer and fewer of our across the pond cousins are getting married. This trend has been going on for several years but it seems (in the eyes of Parliament to have hit critical mass). Maybe the Beckhams are to blame. Check out the signs of the downfall of British matrimony.

Best Of The Dish 2007: Bad Research

In science it’s publish or perish. And sometimes researchers really have to stretch to make a study work. And sometimes they just like to confirm common knowledge. Here are the worst and most obvious love-related studies and surveys of 2007.

The iPhone Marriage Proposal

An enterprising young man named Claude proposed to his girlfriend Doris in an interesting way. Instead of using an electronic sign at the ball game, he created a mock iPhone commercial. Points for originality. See attached video.

Seniors Learning The Modern Dating Game

Some older folks are looking to get back into the dating game. But how? They need a safe and convenient place to do it. Where though? Yep, seniors speed dating. These oldsters are going to learn why some other oldster is awesome in 3 minutes or less.