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Ryan Gosling in Drive
Ryan Gosling has sex with Eva Mendes all the time. We doubt he's crying now.

Ryan Gosling Reacts To Being Called Out For Crying After Sex

Hey girl, everyone has flaws. Ryan Gosling may seem like the exception, but according to a report on Gawker, he's got at least one. Apparently, sometimes he cries after sex. An unnamed but supposedly curvy blonde, claims that after she had the best sex ever with him, he started crying. Look, sometimes emotions just get the best of us. It must be hard being Ryan Gosling all the time, and every time he has amazing sex with a curvy blonde, it must take a little bit out of him. 

Anna Paquin in True Blood
Anna Paquin schooled Larry King on bisexuality.

Stars Who Swing Both Ways: 17 Bisexual Celebrities

Nobody wants to hear Larry King talk about sex, but he keeps on doing it, because, well, sex sells and he needs the ratings. Things got uncomfortable when he sat down with True Blood star Anna Paquin and he brought up her bisexuality. Since she's currently married to a man (her True Blood vampire co-star Stephen Moyer), King referred to her as a "non-practicing bisexual," which, you know, makes no sense.

Friends Cast

22 Awesome Things You Didn't Know About 'Friends'

Thanks to constant re-runs, we've never truly said goodbye to our Friends. After all, life would be pretty dang boring without Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Ross, so we may as well keep obsessing over them! Here are some 22 little-known facts about our fave TV sitcom:

Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen, Emilia Clarke
Which 'GOT' actor is related to Charles Dickens?

20 Things You Didn't Know About 'Game Of Thrones'

All we can really do after last episode is cheers to Littlefinger — and all the horribly awesome things he's done over the past four seasons. After a hiatus last week (the nerve!), a new episode of Game of Thrones returns June 1. Feel like you can't wait that long for your GOT fix? Then sit back and enjoy these 20 pieces of TV truth: 

Harry potter, Birthday, Jk rowling
Happy Birthday, Harry!

25 Signs You’re A Harry Potter Addict

It’s July 31, and we are all wishing Mr. Harry Potter a very happy birthday. Even though he’s not real, you’ve made a cake, and dressed up in your best robes, because you have an addiction to Harry and the rest of the wizarding world. Here are TK signs you’re obsession is real.