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Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie is well-versed in love ... of lots of things.

Nicole Richie's 6 Best Quotes About Love

Nicole Richie is better known for her boho chic, modern hippie style and her famous-for-being-famous status than anything else. But the wife, mother of two, designer and reality star has said a few memorable things about love, too.

Sarah Palin - Facebook
Sarah Palin is such a maverick that now she has her own TV channel.

The (Imaginary) Sarah Palin Channel Lineup Revealed!

Sarah Palin recently announced that she's launching her own online subscription-based channel. She hasn't officially revealed what the content of the channel will be, but our inside (read: made up) sources have provided us with this list of shows she plans on premiering on her channel!

Dwayne Johnson as Hercules
Dwayne Johnson, seen here as Hercules, has a super-strong attraction to blondes.

7 Celebs Who Definitely Have A Dating Type

Not everyone has a "type" when it comes to dating, but these celebs certainly seem to gravitate towards the same kinds of paramours over and over!

Beauty and the beast, disney, love lessons
The worst lessons we can’t seem to shake.

17 Horrible Love Lessons From Disney Princesses

Disney movies are the best. They are so fun to watch and they are classics, but that doesn't mean they promote realistic expectations of relationships. In fact, Disney princesses may just perpetuate the worst love stereotypes ever. From Ariel changing her entire personality to meet Prince Eric all the way to Pocahontas and John Smith having literally nothing in common, love lessons are few and far between in these movies.

Madonna is the queen of sexual lyrics.

Ooh Baby: The 13 Best Songs About Sex

Sex and love. Those are two repeat topics in the pop music canon. Some songs about sex and lurve are memorable and go on to become classics. Others are forgettable. These are the ones you can never shake from your memory.