Wondering which celebs are getting married, falling in love or sneaking off the red carpet for a secret snog? Celebrity Love keeps you up to date on your favorite stars love lives
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Another day, another celeb sex video.

Making Love To The Camera: 14 Celebs With Sex Videos

So you've snapped a topless picture or maybe made a short sex video and it seems totally fine because it's for your perfectly sweet boyfriend and he'd never publicize it any way. That would never happen to you. Right? Yeah, that mentality is never okay, because a sex video is a sex video and once you break up, you never know what the other person would do. You also don’t need the other party for your sex video to get out to the world, as exhibited by the massive leak earlier this year for tons of female celebrities.

Blue Valentine, Bad Relationships, Thanksgiving
This Thanksgiving you should be thankful you aren't dating these people.

12 Movies That Will Make You Thankful For Your Relationship

It's Thanksgiving. A day to be thankful for everything that you have. A day to appreciate the people in your life. If you are currently mad at your spouse just remember that life could be a whole lot worse and you could be in a relationship that is way more toxic, but honestly if you can relate to these fictional movie couples it might be time to rethink that relationship that you got going on (but think about that tomorrow because today is all about turkey and stuffing and a lot of gravy).

Nick Jonas in bed talking about losing his virginity having sex for the first time
Nick Jonas admits he lost his virginity and now has company in bed.

27 Celebrities Share The Awkward Ways They Lost Their Virginity

Some celebrities make a career out of talking about their virginity: Britney Spears claimed to be a virgin in her teenage prime, Jessica Simpson famously spoke about not having sex until her wedding night, and now Nick Jonas is boasting about his bedroom exploits years after rocking purity rings publicly. For some stars, it's a matter of marketing and borderline fetishization, for others, like Jonas, it's the latest step in TMI marketing and pandering to an aging audience.


Cougars And Cradle Robbers: 10 Huge Age Gaps In Hollywood Couples

Why is it that we only discuss celebrity relationships that fail? The NY Post's article The Bigger the Age Gap, the Shorter the Marriage highlights marriages that had a few bigger problems than a simple age difference. This hump day we've decided to be a little less cynical and celebrate a few celebrity couples that have managed to beat the odds and stay together. Given these couples' age gaps, we honestly weren't expecting much. But, they've proven us wrong and we're willing to admit it.

Angelina Jolie Black Dress
There are so many reasons to love Angie. We narrowed it down to 13.

13 Reasons We Absolutely Adore Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, who was a wild child that seemed to relish the spotlight and who did weird or unusual things (blood vial necklaces, a Billy Bob tattoo, lesbian affairs, making out with her brother — to name a few) to capture attention, has seemingly confirmed that she will retire from acting in favor of her directing career.

Clueless, Cher Horowitz, Alicia Silverstone
"You're a virgin who can't drive."

15 'As If' Things You Didn't Know About 'Clueless'

Clueless is one of the best (and most classic) movies of all time, and if you disagree with that sentence you can stop reading this article now. Clueless is one of those movies that you own on DVD, you have on your Netflix watch list at all times and still, any time it's on TV, you can't resist sitting down and re-watching all the amazing Cher and Dionne moments. The 1995 movie is almost 20 years old ,and we enjoy any chance we get to talk about Cher, Dionne, Ty and of course, our love for Paul Rudd in the 90s.

Old Fashioned Movie Trailer Elizabeth Ann Roberts Rik Swartzwelder Christian version of '50 Shades Of Grey' Trailer Movie
Rik Swartzwelder is the Christian version of Christian Grey.

The Christian '50 Shades Of Grey' Movie Looks Oddly Painful

So, you know how there's a film version of 50 Shades of Grey coming out next year? Yeah, I kind of forgot about it too. I mean, I'm not a mom (at least, I'm pretty sure about that), so it doesn't appeal to me. You know who didn't forget about it? Evangelical Christians!