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Patti Stanger
Season 7 of the millionaire matchmaker premiered last week.

Patti Stanger Tells It Like It Is: How To Weed Out The Losers

Want to know the telltale signs that you should get out of a relationship early on before it gets messy? You are in luck: Patti Stanger is to the rescue. The Millionaire Matchmaker hostess explains why women fall for the wrong men all the time and dishes on the secrets to weeding out losers to find your perfect guy.

Denise Richards and daughters
Denise Richards celebrates her 43rd birthday with her daughters Sam, Lola and Eloise.

Girl Power: Celebrity Moms And Their Adorable Daughters

These mommies and their mini-me's look effortlessly chic in their Halloween costumes, red carpet appearances and even for casual grocery runs. But then again, if Jessica Alba was your mother, how could you look anything but adorable?

Tori Spelling Dean McDermott
Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott don't realize just how priceless privacy really is.

Tori Spelling To Sacrifice Her Dignity & Her Marriage For A Buck

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are dealing with their marital problems the only way they know how: with a reality show. The fame and money hungry couple, who've been married for seven years, will chronicle McDermott's cheating scandal on yet another show -- their third together -- called True Tori, which is filming now and premiering on Tuesday, April 22, on Lifetime. If you're thinking this sounds like an April Fool's joke: We wish.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's Royal Family: Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George and Lupo
Which royal spawn is cuter -- Prince George or Lupo?

The New Royal Portrait: Will & Kate's Dog Lupo Steals The Show!

Lupo, the royal dog, may be the most adorable member of the Royal Family -- besides Prince George, that is! And Prince George may have affected Prince William and Kate Middleton's relationship with the canine cutie. But don't worry: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge still love the furry guy!

'Friends With Better Lives' Brooklyn Decker
"It's as simple as laughing," Brooklyn reveals the secret to her happy marriage.

Exclusive! Why Does Brooklyn Decker Call Herself An A-Hole?

These days, Decker's life couldn't be much better, on or off screen: 'Friends With Better Lives' casts the gorgeous supermodel-turned-actress in her first series regular role, playing Jules, a woman newly engaged to a gorgeous Australian (Rick Donald). In real life, she's married to tennis superstar Andy Roddick and the genetically blessed couple celebrates their fifth anniversary next month.