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Dating The Coach's Daughter

Chris Snee is a standout at right guard for the New York Giants. He is also the head coach Tom Coughlin's son-in-law. Interesting, right? He went to college with Coughlin's daughter, Katie. One thing led to another and they had a kid. Then the Giants decided to draft Snee. A little bit of a weird working environment, right?

Woman Married 5 Military Men

A woman was recently caught for fraud and bigamy. Evidently, she has married five service members since 1999. And some of these marriages have overlapped. She's also had three kids. Her mom went on Good Morning America and let the gang there know that this is just the tip of a crazy iceberg.

Michelle Obama Stumps For Husband

The candidate spouse is an very important part of his/her election team. Sometimes they're important for support and sometimes they're important campaign players. Michelle Obama is the latter. She is currently in Connecticut trying to help get Barack Obama chosen as the Democratic candidate.

Becks Gets 6-Inch Tat Of Posh

David Beckham was showing off a new tattoo of his wife. Becks got a tattoo of his favorite photo of Victoria Beckham on his forearm. The image is a Brigitte Bardot-inspired photo of Posh taken for Pop magazine a few years ago. Getting a tattoo of someone is a pretty big commitment. We're glad that these two are comfortable taking this step.

Study: Men May Affect Women’s Self-Image

A study is underway at an Australian university to figure out if a woman's self-esteem is best served by kind sentiments or just sentiments that she agrees with. There are many schools of thought on this. Some women only hear what they want to hear and some women are 'ravenous, blood-sucking monsters' for compliments.

Homemade Porn Vid Gets Aussie Probation

An Australian man was given a year of probation for sending friends a sex tape of him and a former lover. The man filmed their sex session with his camera and sent it to his friends after she would not take him back. This group of friends included her new guy.

Ethan Hawke Has A Kid On The Way

Ethan Hawke has a baby on the way with girlfriend Ryan Shawhughes. Hawke and Shawhughes have been dating since he split with Uma Thurman. Shawhughes was once hired as a nanny for Thurman and Hawke's two children.

Rich Gals Speed Dating For Boy-Toys

A speed dating event has been organized to match rich folks up with young hotties. This time around, though, it's the older rich women getting their pickings of the hot, young men. Take that status quo.

Reporter Proposes To Tom Brady

The media get a little crazy this time of year. A reporter from a Mexican TV station decided to dress in full wedding gear and ask Tom Brady to propose to her. When she got shot down she decided to try other players. Good luck.