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Married Hindu Women Cannot Adopt Children

Hindu women, in India, are not permitted to adopt children unless there is something seriously wrong with their husband. Even an abandoned woman cannot adopt unless divorced from their husband. This looks to be mostly an inheritance issue.

Bad UK Study: 59% Of Women / 51% Of Men In Bad Marriages

OK, it is officially a bad day for British marriage. According to a (possibly biased) poll by a UK solicitor 59% of women interviewed would get out of their deal immediately if not for the collateral concerns (money, feelings, et al). And 51% of the men interviewed felt the were in loveless marriages. Before everyone draws too many conclusions from this, keep in mind that it was conducted by a legal office trying to educate people about the value of mediation.

Eddie Murphy And Tracey Edmonds Split Ways

Superstar comedian Eddie Murphy was recently wed to Tracey Edmonds. And then divorced two weeks later. Their marriage on Bora Bora was never made official by an American court, so they really didn't need a divorce. Easy come, easy go. Let's hope that they both can take a little time to lick their wounds before jumping into something new so quickly.

Divorce-For-Sale Scheme In Miami Foiled

A county clerk in Miami had been hooking up residents with quickie divorces. She took a small bribe plus the filing fee, got favors from a few friends, and got people divorced quick-like. This was only for people that were seeking divorce without a lawyer.

Matthew McConaughey To Be A Dad

It looks like Matthew McConaughey is going to be a daddy. His representative has said that his girlfriend Camilla Alves is three months pregnant with their baby. This could be the end of a great, shirtless era.

Italy OKs Secret Sex Tapes

A court in Italy ruled that someone can record their own sex sessions without the knowledge of their partner provided that they do not distribute the footage. This comes after a man almost had to spend four months in jail for taping his lovemaking to his ex-girlfriend. We're shocked that it didn't end up online. And he actually gave the tapes to her. That means that he's actually a pretty decent guy, in our book.

Dinosaurs Had Teen Sex

Evidence has been found in fossilized dinosaur remains that they had sex as adolescents. Paleontologists found specialized tissue (for forming eggshells) in the fossils of several less than fully grown female dinosaurs. Either all teen dinosaurs were having sex or some older male dinos were just on the prowl for teenage females.

Did Nicolas Sarkozy Get Married On Thursday?

After telling the press that they'd be the last to know if he got married, it looks like French president Nicolas Sarkozy might have gotten married. Sarkozy has been date Carla Bruni for a couple of months now and the time felt right, we suppose.

Thanks For The Syphilis, Christopher Columbus

In 1492, Columbus made it to the New World. In 1495, Syphilis broke out in France. Coincidence? Some scientists think not. Tracing the venereal strain back, it appears most consistent with the South American variety. Other scientists are skeptical. We're just bummed to find out that his legacy may be tarnished by this and the revelation that other people beat him to the New World.