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30 Rock's Jane Krakowski Is Dating Marc Singer

Jane Krakowski is dating Marc Singer who played the Beastmaster. This sounds like a plot straight out of Krakowski's show 30 Rock. Hopefully, they can figure out a way to incorporate this real life event into the show's plot.

Pam Anderson and Rick Salomon To Star In Reality Show

This was fast. E! has decided to create a reality show around the newly married Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon. You may remember these two from a couple of steamy home sex tapes (note: they did not 'act' together in any of these movies). This was sort of a no-brainer for E!, but it does make you wonder how a couple that has only been dating since September would agree to this. Hmm. Compelling television.

Obese Women Far Less Likely To Get Pregnant

A recent study came out showing that women with a Body Mass Index above 29 or in the obese range have problems becoming pregnant. Many scientists have a problem with BMI but this thing appears to have some strong correlation. Another reason to lose a little weight or another thing to feel badly about?

Jessica Alba Has A Baby On Deck

Jessica Alba has a baby in her belly. And not just any baby, a baby she's conceived with on-again, off-again Cash Warren. Good deal for everyone but especially him. Now they are linked for life. Also a good deal for the baby, who gets to be born.

Fertility And Lap Dance Tips

Over the summer, a study was published correlating a stripper's menstrual cycle with her earnings. Essentially, ovulating strippers made more money than those experiencing their periods. The theory is that men find ovulating women more attractive.

Lay-Overs And Flight Delays Are Great For Singles

Flight delays have become such a problem that the president has threatened to do something about it. But there's one group that's figured out how to turn lemons in to lemonade. Singles. Airports are a great new place to meet other singles. Hey, you already have one think in common. Hatred of the airline industry.