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Nicolas Sarkozy To Marry Carla Bruni?

According to rumors, French president Nicolas Sarkozy is set to marry ex-model girlfriend Carla Bruni. This comes only 2 and a half months after the official dissolution of his last marriage. This guy moves fast, he is not going to repeat the mistakes of his predecessor and face the harsh Russian winter.

Military Divorces Are On The Rise

The good news is that divorce among military officers appears to be returning to normal. The bad news is that divorce among the enlisted ranks is still up. And the really bad news is that divorce among women in the military is rapidly increasing.

Younger Women Putting Careers Ahead Of Love Lives

According to a study by researchers from Duke and the University of Albany (Catherine Mosher and Sharon Danoff-Burg, respectively) male undergraduates are now more likely to sacrifice career prospects for romance than females. In a survey of 237 undergrads (a small number if you ask us), 51% of the women said they would choose love over work. And 61% of the men said they would do likewise.

The Britney Spears Freak-Out

It is not a good time to be Britney Spears. After a bit of tension over child custody, the pop star was hospitalized late on January 3rd. This adds to a growing list of problems for Britney and the Spears family. Someone really needs to give her a hug, not you Sam Lufti.

Egyptian Woman Seeks Legal Ruling On Text Divorce

In Egypt, a woman's husband declared her divorced three times via text message. And now they're going to family court to see if this holds up. Traditionally, a man could divorce his wife by declaring her divorced three times. We'll see what the court does.

Cindy Margolis Had A Hard Time Downloading A Baby

She's been an TV show host, an infomercial pitch-gal, a Playmate, and an internet icon. But now Cindy Margolis wants to be known as a spokeswoman for infertility. She has written a new book with the focus on her problems conceiving and how these pitfalls can be avoided.