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Boom and Bust: Breast Size Increases In UK

Over the last 10 years, the average breast size in the United Kingdom has increased from 34B to 36C. There are a number of theories as to why this is happening. In truth, it's likely a combination of many factors.

Jack Nicholson Loves The Ladies

Jack Nicholson is known for being a lot of things. One of the them is not maudlin. He explained to AARP how his years are starting to catch up with him vis-a-vis his love life.

Jenna Bush Has A Wedding Date, Place, Future Spouse

One of the President's daughters has a wedding date, location, and groom. Jenna Bush will marry 29-year old Henry Hager in Texas and in May. It should be a good show. And they'll have had plenty of time to plan it, no word on where they'll take their exit strategy. We're guessing the south Pacific. It's popular.

More Dating Red Flags

A number of readers have objected to Michal Shnayerson's vilification of ketchup on eggs eaters. But one reader, called The Purveyor, actually went ahead and submitted his own version of 12 Relationship Red Flags.

Sienna Miller Is Not A Home Wrecker

Doggone it! Sienna Miller has been linked to another high-profile celebrity breakup. She claims to have nothing to do with Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn's divorce. She's got her own thing going on with Rhys Ifans. More Hollywood gossip, it looks like.

Married Hindu Women Cannot Adopt Children

Hindu women, in India, are not permitted to adopt children unless there is something seriously wrong with their husband. Even an abandoned woman cannot adopt unless divorced from their husband. This looks to be mostly an inheritance issue.

Bad UK Study: 59% Of Women / 51% Of Men In Bad Marriages

OK, it is officially a bad day for British marriage. According to a (possibly biased) poll by a UK solicitor 59% of women interviewed would get out of their deal immediately if not for the collateral concerns (money, feelings, et al). And 51% of the men interviewed felt the were in loveless marriages. Before everyone draws too many conclusions from this, keep in mind that it was conducted by a legal office trying to educate people about the value of mediation.