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More Couples Going Into Business Together

According to Fortune many small businesses are owned and operated by couples. And the trend appears to be increasing. This presents unique problems like how not to take your work home. And is not for the faint of heart.

Jessica Simpson Out For Sunday’s Cowboys-Giants Game

After Tony Romo's last start being 'ruined' by Jessica Simpson, she's decided to sit this next one out. Allegedly, she's in the studio working on an album. We wonder what happens if they beat the Giants (which they should) without Simpson there? Will she be kept away until they lose? And what about Tom Brady and Giselle? We never hear about her causing problems for him.

Polish Man Bumps Into Wife… At A Brothel

A man in Warsaw, Poland made an interesting discovery at a local brothel: his wife. She was there earning some extra money. And he was there pursuing a little action on the side. It could not have gone well from there.

Study: Smoking Can Lead To Impotence

A study in Australia has shown a correlation between how much a man smokes and the likelihood of impotence. The study was published in a journal called Tobacco Control, so the results may be a touch skewed. It does make sense though.

Ayy! James Gandolfini Is Engaged

James Gandolfini is making the plunge. He was engaged to longtime girlfriend Deborah Lin over the holidays. Their wedding is going to be a great cast of actors and characters.

Cecilia Sarkozy Writing Tell-All Book

The ex-wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy is supposedly writing a tell-all book on the waning days of her marriage. Even the common knowledge of Cecilia Sarkozy's life would make a pretty dramatic book. We wonder if he's going to be able to suppress this one too.

Scott Baio Can’t Reveal His Baby’s Name, Legally

Scott Baio is 46... and back on television. His reality show was such a hit that VH1 ordered a second installment. This time around Baio takes viewers from his engagement through his wedding to the birth of his daughter. Whose very name remains a mystery.