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Lance Armstrong’s Daughter Brings Ashley Olson To Show-And-Tell

The Huffington Post is reporting a rumor that Lance Armstrong’s daughter is going to bring Ashley Olson to her school’s show-and-tell. ‘Hi everyone, this is my new mommy. I can fit her in my backpack.’ She probably won’t say that. We assumed that the Armstrong-Ashley O thing was a one-time deal and have no idea what to think about it. It’s weird and it’s uncomfortable and we’re pretty sure that they’re just messing with us. Granted feedback is always welcome, appreciated, and sought-after, we would really like to hear how you feel about these events. Please comment below. Read More Of The Original Article…

Ellen Pompeo Has Downlow NYC City Hall Wedding

Access Hollywood NEW YORK, N.Y. (November 14, 2007) – Ellen Pompeo, star of “Grey’s Anatomy,” married fiancé Chris Ivery on Friday. The happy couple had an intimate wedding in New York City, according to a report by the Boston Globe. The couple had a small ceremony, with only a few witnesses. “I’m very happy for her,” Ellen’s father, Joseph Pompeo told People on Wednesday. “She just didn’t want a big thing.” Tango’s Take McDreamy. Thank God that Ellen Pompeo is not like her TV character. Because she would say that she doesn’t want a big wedding and be bitter because no one knew that she was just saying that to look tough. We wonder after Isaiah Washington left the show how much cast tension there is. Katherine Heigl is everywhere these days. Knocked Up was a huge hit, she won an Emmy, and is getting married on December 23rd. Maybe Pompeo just wanted to fly under the radar here and not try to steal anyone’s shine.

Poll Reveals That Men Talk More Than Women

From ScienceDaily A Gallup poll recently confirmed that men and women both believe that it is women who are most likely to possess the gift of gab. Some even believe that women are biologically built for conversation. This widespread belief is challenged in new research.