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Two Women, One Man And One Embryo

Two Women, One Man And One Embryo

A new technique is able to replace potentially defective mitochondria with healthy mitochondria. Essentially, the egg is fertilized, the nucleus is removed and placed in an empty egg with healthy mitochondria. Two women, one guy, and one embryo.

Evidently, Having Babies Is For Poor People

Evidently, Having Babies Is For Poor People

A couple of New York socialites have recently mentioned that they plan on having their child via a surrogate. Which means that rich people can completely divorce themselves from the baby-making/ child-rearing process. It's about time.

Bride Apprehends Drunk Driver

A bride in New Zealand was rear-ended on the drive home from the wedding. The other driver was intoxicated and didn't want to stick around. So the bride pulled the keys from his ignition and chased him when he tried to flee on foot.

Celebrity Breakups: Lily Allen & Jessica Alba

Lily Allen has had a bit of a roller coaster as of late. And now she's got being broken up with by Ed Simons to go with it. And Jessica Alba is pregnant, miserable and single. Though the pregnant part won't last that much longer and we're envisioning a reconciliation with Cash Warren any day.

Prenups For Bridesmaids

A British wedding magazine called You & Your Wedding has surveyed 1,000 women about bridesmaid contracts. And they discovered that 20% of these women require their maid-of-honor sign a contract in regard to her duties. That is pretty hardcore. But it sets the tone for a properly run event.

French Prez Marries Former Model

Nicolas Sarkozy, the president of France, has finally made and honest woman out of Carla Bruni. The two wed last Saturday. Finally, they can go on state visits to uptight countries. And she is going knock the Emirs and Prime Minister of the East dead.

Air Travel For Nudists

A German travel agency is offering naked flights. Essentially, they allow passengers to doff their clothes from the time the door closes until they land. Make no mistake, though, funny business is not appreciated.

Jenna Jameson’s Birthday Surprise

Jenna Jameson gave her boyfriend Tito Ortiz a little birthday surprise. She hopped out of a cake and put on a sexy strip show. This is a pretty good gift. We decided that we'd give some other celeb couples gift ideas.

Dating The Coach's Daughter

Chris Snee is a standout at right guard for the New York Giants. He is also the head coach Tom Coughlin's son-in-law. Interesting, right? He went to college with Coughlin's daughter, Katie. One thing led to another and they had a kid. Then the Giants decided to draft Snee. A little bit of a weird working environment, right?