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You’re Not His Girlfriend Until Facebook Says So

It's always been hard to know where you stand in a relationship. Until now. The geniuses over at Facebook have figured out a way to solve this little problem. They have created the best 'Status' indicator since the wedding band. It lets everyone involved know if you're an single, married, or whatever.

Did Lindsay Lohan Dump Her Boyfriend For Heath Ledger?

It looks like there may have been more of an impetus for Lindsay Lohan to breakup with her rehab boyfriend, Riley Giles. It could be that she met a man from the land down under. Rumor has it that Lindsay Lohan and Heath Ledger are enjoying the pleasure of each other's company these days.

Guy Steals Plane To Impress Girlfriend, Crashes

A drunk dude in Indiana stole an airplane to impress his girlfriend with his ability to fly. Naturally, he crashed the plane into a soybean field. He was previously banned from driving a car due to prior DUI convictions. Criminal mischief indeed.

Study Shows That Divorce Damages The Environment

A recent study has been published that shows there are negative environment repercussions of divorce. Essentially, the study shows that fractured households consume far more resources and are thus a drain on the environment. We're somewhat skeptical.

Newlyweds Are Creating Strange New Last Names

Back in the day, things were simple. Boy met girl, they fell in love, and got married. Girl changed her last name to the boy's last name. Their children had that name. Now, things are a bit more complex. Women are keeping their name and using hyphens. Men are changing their surnames. And couples are inventing new last names to suit both their needs.

Lindsay Lohan Has Ditched Rehab Boyfriend

It's probably safe to say that many people didn't see this one going the distance. And the optimists who did just had their hopes and dreams stomped on. Lindsay Lohan and Riley Giles are no more. No postmortem has been given.