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Texas Swingers Clubs Being Outlawed

The small town of Duncanville, Texas is back in the news. This Dallas suburb has been trying to rid themselves of the scourge that is private sex parties. They tried putting a limit on parking. And now they're saying that they're illegal for charging money. Swinging enthusiasts think that some conservatives are trying to legislate morality.

Court Rules That Divorce Case Does Not Merit State-Appointed Lawyer

A Seattle-area woman was unable to afford a proper lawyer and lost her custody case. Despite being a stay-at-home, her ex-husband was awarded custody. It turns out a woman with a 9th grade education is no match for a properly trained lawyer. The court ruled that right to a state-appointed attorney does not apply to custody cases.

Boxer Ricky Hatton's Girlfriend Quits Job To Watch Fight

There's a big fight over the weekend, Floyd Mayweather and Ricky Hatton are both undefeated and both covet the welterweight championship. There's one snag, though. Hatton's girlfriend couldn't get off of work. So she quit. It should be a good fight, Saturday night.

US Teen Birth Rates Rise For The First Time Since '91

The figures from 2006 on teen pregnancy are in. And teen pregnancy beat common sense. Teen pregnancy has been risen for the first time since 1991. Some experts say that it's a small insignificant bump. Critics blame abstinence-only sexual education.

19th Century Hysteria Treated With Vibrators

Did you know that doctors in the 1800's used to treat female hysteria with masturbation? Funny and true. We're not 100% why that practice stopped. It seems like a few uptight people could do with a little pressure release. Sometimes science has to take a step back before it can move forward, it seems.

Jessica Simpson And Tony Romo Seen Together, Again

What a hot streak Tony Romo is on. He's had various celebrity hottie rumors and it is looking like the one about Jessica Simpson is true true true. In addition to that, he just defeated his idol, Brett Favre, in a head to head match up. Yup, it's a good life for sure.