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ed westwick and jessica szohr

Chuck Bass Seen Kissing Vanessa AGAIN!

Gossip Girl appears to have spawned another real life romance. Tailor-made enemies, Chuck Bass and Vanessa Abrams, nearly made a leap beyond convention on the show, but it looks like the actors playing them may have done it for them. For the second time in the past couple of months, Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr were seen petting (ooooh) and other stuff in public (Madison Square Garden). Love may be all around XOXO.

justin timberlake and jessica biel

Jessica Biel Throws Timberlake B-Day Bash

Justin Timberlake is awesome, that much really can't be debated. Jessica Biel threw the triple threat entertainer a bomb birthday party during the Super Bowl. What's next for these 2 good-looking super stars? And engagement ring? Matching tattoos? Jessica Biel has a birthday coming up in about a month. Who knows what to expect?

verne troyer

Verne Troyer Is Doing Just Fine, Thanks

EDITOR'S NOTE:  It's come to our attention that the Mike Myers' favorite little person, Verne Troyer, is not involved in any substantial way with a woman best described as a "reality show contestant," "Victoria Beckham impersonator," and "least talented person in Britain, based on a survey of Domino's Pizza customers." The Daily Star (one of Britain's tabloid bastions of getting-it-wrong-ery and topless photos) published a report that Verne Troyer was down (like 4 flat tyres, sure) with Chanelle Hayes, a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother UK. What we know about Chanelle Hayes; she is a self-styled recording artist, perfume entrepreneur, and "model" who is regularly featured naked on the cover of British lad magazines, wrestling other women who also happen to be naked.