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hugh hefner

Is Hugh Hefner Back With His Wife?

Hugh Hefner is a main of taste and substance. A bon vivant and an epicurean, if you will. He's a collector of fine blondes. And it appears that an older vintage may have made it back into the old Playboy boss's cabinet: estranged wife Kimberly Conrad. Sources say his wife has been showing up around the Playboy Mansion and getting back in good graces with the connoisseur of yellow-haired gals. This bears watching.

pink and carey hart

Pink And Carey Hart Re-Engaging?

Tom Cruise plays the maverick fighter pilot Maverick in Top Gun. But his world gets thrown for a loop when his buddy, Goose, dies. This film almost perfectly describes the reconciliation of Pink and Casey Hart. After months of circling, the couple appears to be re-engaging. We'll see if they crash and burn, again, but it's looking pretty good so far, we'll tell you tomorrow.

True Love, Brody Jenner Style

True Love, Brody Jenner Style

Ah, love. That special feeling that makes a man want to stay in and bake cookies with his woman or emblazon her naked likeness on a surfboard and give it to her as a present. We know that feeling, Brody. And we're happy to know that you do, too. Thanks to your interview with People, we know it, perhaps, a little too well.

kelly osbourne and luke worrall

Kelly Osbourne Arrested Defending Her Guy

The youngest Osbourne has gotten in a little hot water because of her heart. Due to a confrontation with gossip columnist Zoe Griffin, Kelly Osbourne found herself arrested for assault. The dust up stems from a column written by Zoe Griffin referring to Osbourne's fiance (Luke Worrall) as dumb. Big mistake, the Osbourne women DO NOT take kindly to being any insults about their men. Minor violence ensued. Let that be a lesson to ya, world.