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Guy Ritchie Moving On With Jemima Khan?

Guy Ritchie Moving On With Jemima Khan?

Guy Ritchie has been hanging out with Hugh Grant's ex Jemima Khan a little bit. Word on the street is the 2 went to a dinner party in each other's company so let's not jump to conclusions mat on this, OK? Meanwhile, no one from the Madonna or Alex Rodriguez camps admit anything but friendship is going on between them.

Janet Jackson & Jermaine Dupri: Over?

Janet Jackson & Jermaine Dupri: Over?

According to Bossip, Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson are on the outs. There was, allegedly, some discord regarding his involvement in her career as his seems to have hit a slow patch. We'll see if this breakup sticks and if maybe Janet is looking to follow in Mariah Carey's footsteps and find a younger man.

Benji Madden

Britney Spears And Benji Madden?

Benji Madden (50% of the Madden Brothers in Good Charlotte) is supposedly dating Britney Spears. This comes after dating Paris Hilton for a little while. Weird times. We wonder what Sean Avery would make of all this partner-switching.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

The Art Of The Celebrity Retraction

Tucking your tail between your legs and saying sorry is not an easy thing to do, but when we're wrong, we're wrong. We'd like to apologize to Madonna and Guy Ritchie for jumping the gun on their divorce settlement, to Katy Perry for false reporting her engagement, to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for thinking about mentioning their prenup, to Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez for mentioning that they may break up and to Tom Cruise for all the weird rumors. Sorry all.

Nicole Kidman and Thomas Gottschalk

Nicole Kidman Cursed To Infertility

It is said that women who play the Aboriginal didgeridoo are said to go barren. This could be bad news for Nicole Kidman as she played the wooden instrument while promoting Australia on German TV. Not good. We'll see if even the fertility waters of Kununurra can salvage this womb.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie

Madonna & Guy Settlement: Not So Fast

The settlement news that every outlet reported was a bit premature for Madonna and Guy Ritchie. This isn't the first time we've thought they had a settlement but it is the first time that Madonna's representative Liz Rosenberg has announced something officially to the media. We (the media) do not like getting jerked around gang. We're not going to fall for that more that 3 or 4 times.