Wondering which celebs are getting married, falling in love or sneaking off the red carpet for a secret snog? Celebrity Love keeps you up to date on your favorite stars love lives
christina ricci and owen benjamin

Christina Ricci Engaged

Sometimes when you meet on the set of a movie with romantic elements you can't help but really fall in love. That was the case on All's Faire In Love. Christina Ricci met comedic actor Owen Benjamin and the rest was, as someone says, fun times. Ideally, whatever Renaissance Fair magic sparked their on-set romance will continue in regular life.

Jennifer Aniston

3 Breakup Lessons From Celebrities

Breakups suck. And when you're in the midst of one, it often feels as though no one in the world could possibly understand your anguish. But rest assured, gentle readers: almost everyone can. Indeed, anyone who's ever been in love has experienced heartache, including Marilyn Monroe. And Halle Berry. And the commander-in-chief of Alaska. So lick those wounds, broken-hearted beauties, and learn a few lessons from some of the rich and famous who've been through the ringer, and managed to survive.

bijou phillips and danny masterson

Danny Masterson Engaged To Bijou Phillips

We have not heard much from Danny Masterson lately. Since That 70's Show left television, he's been doing a lot of hanging out, DJing and romancing Bijou Phillips. Apparently, the two have become quite the pair and are now engaged. Rumor has it that they are both members of the Church Of Scientology. So that's something.


Jesus Now Living In Sin With Madonna

In a story that is sure to confuse Catholics the world over, the Daily Mail reports that Jesus is now living in sin with Madonna. Further complicating the matter for those who know more about the Pope than pop culture is the fact that Jesus made the move to Madonna's pad directly from his mother's home. "Isn't that redundant?" they are no doubt asking. (Indeed, non-Catholics are asking the same thing.) Allow us to clarify.

britney spears and jason trawick

Correction: Britney Not Dating Agent?

Rumor had it that Britney Spears was dating her agent Jason Trawick. Evidently, the two are incredibly close and this closeness led to speculation that they were way into each other. But, according to an 'inside source,' they are not dating. They just have a tight, working relationship. Hey, sorry for being hopeful that Britney might have found a good, level-headed guy with a job that only partially involves leaching off of her.