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joel madden and nicole richie

Nicole Richie Tells Tila Tequila To Back Off

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are said to be engaged (to be married). And it's said that she is pregnant with their second baby. You can therefore imagine her consternation at seeing Tila Tequila flirting with Joel Madden. Nicole Richie then took the law into her own hands and got Tila Tequila to "back off" her man.

Gisele and Tom Brady

Tom Brady Talks Turn-Ons

CelebLove was recently invited to interview Tom Brady for the launch of the new Stetson cologne, All American Stetson. Brady, the face of Stetson, was available via videoconference to answer questions about the brand, his likes and dislikes but, of course, any and all questions pertaining to a leggy Brazilian bombshell and a wedding were off-limits. But for those of you who want to hook an all-American hottie, Tom did answer all the questions we cared to ask about turn-ons and grooming. Read on, Brady fans:

vince vaughn engaged

Vince Vaughn Appears To Be Engaged

The Vince Vaughn engagement rumor appears to have been confirmed. The father of Kyla Weber says that the Four Christmases star is engaged to his daughter. It looks like the dream of a Double V - Jennifer Aniston reunion is probably over. Maybe next life. Another good man down, another good man down. On the bright side, there's a chance that a marriage to to a civilian will be easier than to a fellow A-List star.

reese witherspoon and jake gyllenhaal

Reese Witherspoon On Divorce, Moving On

Reese Witherspoon has sort of taken over as America's sweetheart. Her cuteness and genuine-seeming personality really went a long way towards winning America's heart. She discusses her divorce from Ryan Phillippe and her new gig with Jake Gyllenhaal (a little).