Wondering which celebs are getting married, falling in love or sneaking off the red carpet for a secret snog? Celebrity Love keeps you up to date on your favorite stars love lives
hugh grant and drew barrymore

Hugh Grant: Make-Out Champ

Who you think of when someone says, "Englishman that everyone should make-out with once?" Chances are your answer was Hugh Grant (possibly Ralph Fiennes). And you may have been in luck were you in New York City this week. He supposedly did a bit of snogging with Drew Barrymore, some chicks in the Meatpacking District and if things go well on Valentine's Day, Jemima Khan. Good show, old man.

mickey rourke

Mickey Rourke Courting Courtney Love?

The star of The Wrestler and new IT dude in Hollywood, Mickey Rourke, may be seeing surprising fashionista Courtney Love. If the gossip is true, then Mickey Rourke and Evan Rachel Wood were not up to a weird film, father-daughter romance. Color us nervous for any relationship involving two artists so haunted by addiction.

roberto alomar

Roberto Alomar Gets Sued Over AIDS Scare

Roberto Alomar had a great baseball career and is likely a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame. But former girlfriend Ilya Dall is accusing the former Major League Baseball Player of knowingly exposing her to AIDS without her consent or acknowledgment. And she wants $15 million. This could get ugly.

leonardo dicaprio and bar refaeli

Will Leo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli Marry Now?

Congratulations to Bar Refaeli for getting the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover. And for dating Leonardo DiCaprio, good times. But are the 2 items, the SI cover and Leonardo, related? A crazy rumor implies that they are. Does this mean wedding bells sooner or later for the couple? And how is Gisele Bundchen involved.

John Mayer Writes Jen Aniston Birthday Love Song

John Mayer Writes Jen Aniston Birthday Love Song

Jen Aniston celebrated her 40th birthday over the weekend. On-again, off-again boyfriend John Mayer was in attendance, and if the rumors are to be believed, he penned a special birthday song for her that may or may not have included the words: "Will you marry me?"