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kelly clarkson

Kelly Clarkson's Never Been In Love, Not Into Kids

It looks like Kelly Clarkson is making the rounds while promoting her new album All I Ever Wanted. In addition to mentioning that she has never been in love, the pop star also mentions that she'd like to remain childless. The original American Idol champion seems a little more interesting today than she did yesterday. And the kids really seem to dig "My Life Would Suck Without You."

megan fox

Megan Fox Finally Putting Herself Back Out There?

It has been a crazy ride for Megan Fox. Is she dating Robert Pattinson? Is she back with Brian Austin Green? And who, exactly, is the Green Man? What if they were to do a Transformers - Twilight crossover? The tweens would probably lose their minds.

kate gosselin jon gosselin

Jon Out Late, Minus Kate

The latest issue of Star Magazine is suggesting that Jon and Kate Gosselin, the world's most famous parents of twins and sextuplets and stars of TLC's popular prime time series, Jon & Kate Plus 8, are headed to divorce court.

tony romo and jessica simpson

Tony Romo Ain't 'The Marrying Kind'

Jessica Simpson really digs Tony Romo. In fact, if she were to be engaged to him, it would make her day. The country music singer has been half expecting an engagement ring from the Dallas Cowboys quarterback for some time. Maybe it's the right time for her and maybe some sort of sibling rivalry with sister Ashlee Simpson is freaking her out. Either way, it looks like Romo is content with where the relationship currently is.