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dwyane wade

Dwyane Wade Sues Estranged Wife, Lawyers

Dwyane Wade is an incredible basketball for the Miami Heat and going through a vicious divorce from his estranged wife. And it all just took an ugly turn as he's suing Siovaughn Wade for her claim that he gave her VD from an affair. She's withdrawn the claim but he has decided to press a suit against his former high school sweetheart. This divorce is only going to get uglier.

hayden christensen and rachel bilson

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Engaged

The movie Jumper was a lot of things, but one of them was not romantic. However, two of its stars, Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen, started a nice little romance from it. And it looks like said romance is going to make the leap to another film: New York, I Love You. Also, there's some word of an engagement between the two, for what it's worth.

freida pinto

Secret Marriage For Freida Pinto?

Slumdog Millionaire is wrecking it (in a good way) at the movie awards this year. And it's breakout star Freida Pinto may be secretly married. A few sources of dubious repute claim that the actress has a secret husband named Rohan Antao whom she hasn't spoken with since the Golden Globes. It all sounds pretty dubious but also like something that happens with young stars.


Rihanna Says Chris Brown's Apology Doesn't Cut It

Rihanna does not like the statement of apology that Chris Brown has issued in the aftermath of his alleged assault on her. Friends say that she is "royally pissed off" by Brown's "cavalier and arrogant statement" and that "he should have expressed more contrition."