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Taylor Swift, 1989, Welcome to New York
How do we become besties with T Swift?

19 Reasons We Want To Be Taylor Swift's Best Friend

Our perfect day would be hanging out with our BFF Taylor Swift, in the fall (obviously), while drinking pumpkin spice lattes in our maroon and mustard cardigans. All so basic and yet so perfect, which is why Taylor Swift would make the best friend ever. T-Swizzle's new album 1989 came out on Monday and the entire world is listening to it. There are a few haters, but the CD, which documents her big move to New York, has become an instant favorite.

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10 Struggles That Are SO Real When You Love One Direction

Sometimes, being an adult fan is awesome. And sometimes it's not so great... so crank up your copy of Midnight Memories, fill up your 1D cup with your favorite adult beverage, and join me on this journey of loving these five beautiful British and Irish guys

Rugrats, 90s Cartoons, Life Lessons
Growing up in the '90s had its major perks.

20 Important Life Lessons We Learned From '90s Cartoons

People who grew up in the '90s really lucked out in life because it's the sweet spot in time when we grew up as the Internet came into the world. We aren't completely emerged in the technology culture, but we also aren't confused by it like our parents. We grew up with the best toys and most of all, the best cartoons.

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20 Halloween Costumes Millennials Just Won't Understand

Halloween is fast approaching and many people are quickly trying to put together the perfect costume. As time goes by, there are tons of costumes that mostly millennials will understand, like the water bucket challenge or a Miley Cyrus costume. But if your party is going to include an older crowd, or if you just want to find a more unique costume, then take a look at these Halloween costumes that millennials won't get.

cher and josh
So totally rad.

10 Throwback Couples' Costumes Inspired By The 90s

Halloween is almost upon us, which means it's time to start thinking about costumes! And what better choice than to go 90s-retro (yep, the 90s are officially retro). Score nostalgia points with any of these fun, 90s-inspired costumes from TV, film and real life.