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Will Arnett
Super dad Will Arnett played assistant coach for his son's tee-ball team.

Exclusive: Will Arnett Dishes On Sons And Life After Amy Poehler

After a few sitcom missteps, Will Arnett has his biggest TV hit since 'Arrested Development' with 'The Millers', which was just renewed for a second season. But he's simultaneously seen his nine-year marriage to Amy Poehler fall apart — they're now divorcing after separating in September 2012.

Amanda Lindhout and Rooney Mara
Amanda Lindhout was held captive for 460 days but still smiles more than Rooney Mara does.

Kidnapping Victim Connects With Captors On Facebook

Canadian journalist Amanda Lindhout and her photographer former beau were held captive in Somalia for over a year by Islamic militants and faced daily rape and sex abuse. When government intervention failed to save Lindhout, her family worked with a private hostage negotiator and paid about $500,000 to get her home.