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annika sorenstam

Annika Sorenstam Is With Child

Annika Sorenstam announced her intentions quit the game of golf to start a family last May (2008). She married Mike McGee this January (2009) and is newly pregnant with their first child. The LPGA legend is among the greatest women to ever play the game but decided that having it all was not possible. Playing at a high level and having a rich family life were just not compatible. Best of luck to her on her next career.

bruce willis and emma heming

Bruce Willis To Marry This Week?

Bruce Willis is a lot of things. Action star, dad, indulgent ex-husband but he's also a great lover of women. And he's decided, it appears, to take his love of his current woman one step further: down the aisle. It looks like Bruce Willis and girlfriend Emma Heming are having a Caribbean wedding this week. Let the good times roll.

christina ricci and owen benjamin

Christina Ricci Engaged

Sometimes when you meet on the set of a movie with romantic elements you can't help but really fall in love. That was the case on All's Faire In Love. Christina Ricci met comedic actor Owen Benjamin and the rest was, as someone says, fun times. Ideally, whatever Renaissance Fair magic sparked their on-set romance will continue in regular life.