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hugh hefner

Is Hugh Hefner Back With His Wife?

Hugh Hefner is a main of taste and substance. A bon vivant and an epicurean, if you will. He's a collector of fine blondes. And it appears that an older vintage may have made it back into the old Playboy boss's cabinet: estranged wife Kimberly Conrad. Sources say his wife has been showing up around the Playboy Mansion and getting back in good graces with the connoisseur of yellow-haired gals. This bears watching.

pink and carey hart

Pink And Carey Hart Re-Engaging?

Tom Cruise plays the maverick fighter pilot Maverick in Top Gun. But his world gets thrown for a loop when his buddy, Goose, dies. This film almost perfectly describes the reconciliation of Pink and Casey Hart. After months of circling, the couple appears to be re-engaging. We'll see if they crash and burn, again, but it's looking pretty good so far, we'll tell you tomorrow.