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vince vaughn engaged

Vince Vaughn Appears To Be Engaged

The Vince Vaughn engagement rumor appears to have been confirmed. The father of Kyla Weber says that the Four Christmases star is engaged to his daughter. It looks like the dream of a Double V - Jennifer Aniston reunion is probably over. Maybe next life. Another good man down, another good man down. On the bright side, there's a chance that a marriage to to a civilian will be easier than to a fellow A-List star.

reese witherspoon and jake gyllenhaal

Reese Witherspoon On Divorce, Moving On

Reese Witherspoon has sort of taken over as America's sweetheart. Her cuteness and genuine-seeming personality really went a long way towards winning America's heart. She discusses her divorce from Ryan Phillippe and her new gig with Jake Gyllenhaal (a little).

Chris Brown

Did Chris Brown Alert the Media?

We reported yesterday the suspicion that Rihanna and Chris Brown might have possibly-maybe-sorta gotten married this past weekend during their reunion at Diddy’s Star Island mansion in Miami. Now, some other media outlets (including us) are asking about another suspicious item and what seems to be obvious question: how did the paparazzi learn of the secluded reunion? Star Island is a gated community in Miami that is well sought-after for its security and privacy, counting Jennifer Lopez and Gloria Estefan among its residents for this reason. Well, according to a source, Chris Brown tipped them off the paps in a media strategy to get coverage of their reunion. The source states, "Chris tipped off the photographers. He needs it to be out there that he and Rihanna are back together.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Dishes On Nick Jonas

Miley Cyrus's new autobiography, Miles To Go, has hit bookshelves and it's chuck-full of juicy tidbits about her dad, her complexion, and most importantly, her relationship with Nick Jonas.

nicole richie and joel madden

Nicole And Joel To Make Family Whole?

Paris Hilton's former BFF is really making it happen on the family front. Nicole Richie, formerly The Simple Life's sidekick/ comic relief, has already made the leap to mommyhood. She liked it so much that she has another one on the way. And because it's a fairly sensible thing to do, she and Joel Madden have decided to go ahead and get married before Harlow Winter Kate Madden's little bro or sis is born. Plus, the perfect wedding gown has allegedly been purchased.