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Salm Hayek Getting Married Again

Salma Hayek Planning Second Wedding

Close on the heels of Salma Hayek's emphatic denial last week to people magazine in which she squashed rumors of a second, very lavish wedding that she was reportedly planning in Italy, comes the news that it may be happening after all. People magazine is now reporting that Hayek and her billionaire husband Francois-Henri Pinault are busy planning for what could very well turn out to be a multi million dollar wedding in Venice this weekend.

Julie Chen And CBS Head Moonves Are Expecting

Julie Chen And CBS Head Moonves Are Expecting

CBS Early Show and Big Brother host Julie Chen is expecting a baby, she announced yesterday. Chen, who is married to the president and CEO of CBS, Les Moonves, told viewers of The Early Show that she is due in October and plans to keep working through her pregnancy. "So it wasn't a big Sunday at the buffet table," Chen joked. "I'm starting to show now!" Chen and Moonves have been married since 2004; he has three children from a previous marriage.

carrie prejean, chelsea gilligan

Miss California News (Feat. Michael Phelps)

You may have missed it, but the Miss USA Pageant went a bit sidewards over the weekend. Miss California, Carrie Prejean, gave the "wrong" answer to a question about gay marriage and Judge Perez Hilton second-placed her. This start a tussle over something or other and now everyone's upset. But it turns out that Prejean's grandma says that her granddaughter dates Michael Phelps from time to time, Britney Spears has an opinion and Matt Lauer interviewed the lot of them. Whew.

Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle Offered Starring Role In Porn Flick

When Susan Boyle, the British overnight sensation, sang, "I Dreamed a Dream," the dream she had in mind was most likely not being paid to lose her virginity in a pornographic film. According to the Daily News, Los Angeles-based Kick Ass Films has offered the brilliant songstress $1 million to have sex for the first time on camera.

Justin And Jessica Not On The Rocks, She Says

Justin And Jessica Not On The Rocks, She Says

Despite rumors that Justin Timberlake was "was very much acting like a single guy" at Kate Hudson's 30th birthday party last weekend, his girlfriend, Jessica Biel, says she and Justin are still totally together, according to friends who talked to Us Weekly. "They have not split," one friend tells the magazine, citing the apartment the couple recently bought in New York City as proof. But while real estate might seal the deal for normal people, with celebrities a multimillion-dollar penthouse can sometimes be a getting-to-know-you trinket, or just smart investing. For real relationship longevity, we like to see something permanent and misguided, like tattoos.

rihanna parties with basketball players

Is Rihanna Dating Again?

Chris Brown better watch his back or he might get fouled by a very tall and very protective point guard. Brown’s former better half, Rihanna, was spotted partying with 6-foot-3 Baron Davis and his L.A. Clippers teammates at the Los Angles hotspot My House.

Mary-Louise And Jeffrey Reunite

Mary-Louise And Jeffrey Reunite

Weeds stars spotted back together in L.A. Mary-Louise Parker and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have gotten back together, Radar Online reports. They attended a Josh Ritter concert and cuddled in their seats, a fellow concertgoer said. "At one point, Jeffrey nuzzled her as he whispered into her ear and then planted a kiss on her. It was intimate and sweet," the source said.