Wondering which celebs are getting married, falling in love or sneaking off the red carpet for a secret snog? Celebrity Love keeps you up to date on your favorite stars love lives
john mayer

John Mayer Bravely Still Looking

John Mayer says that he is not dating Scheana Marie. Normally that would be enough for us, considering Mayer's always been a straight-shooter. But the enigmatic singer/ songwriter/ sweetheart goes on to use logic to prove that he doesn't have a girlfriend AND he smooches a middle-aged woman and asks her out. You've sold us, John Mayer.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson Back Together?

The NY Daily News is reporting that Lindsay and Samantha, have been ''sneaking'' around and spent Friday and Saturday night together. ''Shutterbugs caught Ronson, 31, leaving Lohan’s pad at 6 a.m. Friday after spending the entire night with her ex,'' adding that, ''Lohan, 22, was spotted heading into Ronson's home later that night and didn't leave until the next morning.''

freida pinto dev patel

Freida Pinto And Dev Patel Get Cozy In Israel

Ever since their hit movie was released, there have been rumors about a supposed off-screen romance. For months, gossip rags have accused her of having a secret husband and him of being a wife-stealer. Even their co-star Anil Kapoor has claimed that the two share a genuine sense of chemistry. And yet, when asked outright by interviewers on the Academy Awards red carpet (and elsewhere) if they were an item, Freida Pinto and Dev Patel denied everything. Well, it seems that the time for denials is over. Because, as was the case with Angelina and Brad, actions are speaking louder than words when it comes to the Slumdog Millionaire stars and their feelings for each other.

Who In The World Has Matt Lauer Slept With?

Who In The World Has Matt Lauer Slept With?

The list contains the names of every woman Matt Lauer slept with during the course of their 11 year marriage. Of course, no names have emerged just yet but judging from Matt's passport, we're guessing that list transcends a few different languages.

Who Cares About Heidi And Spencer's Wedding?

Who Cares About Heidi And Spencer's Wedding?

Remember how Heidi and Spencer got married in Mexico for Us Weekly's cameras? And how they're doing it again, "for real," tomorrow in Pasadena? Yeah, no one cares. And by "no one" we mean that the major tabloid weeklies turned the manufactured couple down when they offered exclusive photo rights. What you are hearing now is some unseemly giggling from our home office. The editor in chief of In Touch, Richard Spencer, says, "The total number that [Montag and Pratt] used to get from exclusive photos is down." That’s probably because magazine advertising is in the gutter, even for raggedy tabs, and a fakey-fake second wedding isn't going to snag newsstand buyers.

Gavin Rossdale

Blast From Gavin's Past

British-pop icon from the '80s, Marilyn, called up InTouch Weekly to give them the low down on an alleged 5-year love affair between himself and the former Bush frontman.