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Kate Gosselin Marriage Contract

Kate's Secret Marriage Contract Allows Jon To Date

Kate's brother and sister-in-law spoke to RadarOnline.com exclusively divulging that Kate "told Jon their relationship is over and they should begin dating others." The mother of 8 also whipped up a contract that outlined the terms and conditions of their broken marriage. Jon is allowed to have girlfriends and do his own thing provided that it doesn't interfere with filming.

sienna miller

Sienna Miller and Josh Hartnett Possibly Dating

Sienna Miller is possibly-maybe dating Hollywood hunk, Josh Hartnett. Though Sienna has recently been linked to married man Balthazar Getty, the Daily Mirror insists she has cleaned up her act and moved on to the very unmarried Josh Hartnett. It seems there was “too much baggage” for the relationship to work out between Sienna and Balthazar.


Bradley Cooper Denies Dating Jennifer Aniston

Now comes bad news for all those die-hard Jen fans, holding their breath at the thought of Jen maybe having found her new Brad (name-wise, at least). The rumors of them dating each other are completely false and proof of that comes straight from the horse’s mouth! Bradley Cooper tells People magazine that he is not dating Aniston. He says, ''I met her 3 times in my life,'' and that he's, ''flattered,'' He also goes onto say that, ''My mom loves it, but unfortunately it's not true.''

adrien brody and elsa patacky

Adrien Brody & Girlfriend On A Break?

It looks like Adrien Brody may be newly single. Per an unsubstantiated report from Star Magazine, the nose-y actor split with girlfriend Elsa Patacky. And she has since moved on to smoldering heartthrob Olivier Martinez (the exboyfriend of Kylie Minogue). It all seems a little dubious.

Natalie Portman Denies Sean Penn Romance Rumors

Natalie Portman Denies Sean Penn Romance Rumors

It seems that only a week and a half ago we were talking about Sean Penn's great involvement with Natalie Portman. We discussed how readily the Oscar winner filed for divorce from his wife of 13 years, Robin Wright Penn, to be with her. We examined rumors about a supposed tryst between Penn and Portman back in March at the Sunset Tower Hotel. We even quoted one of Star's sources who said that Natalie "stimulates him in ways no other person has." Oh wait. That really was only a week and a half ago. But in that short amount of time, Portman has already grown tired of the rumors. And Friday evening, she told Extra that she was putting her foot down.

A Girl For Freddie And Sarah Michelle Gellar?

A Girl For Freddie And Sarah Michelle Gellar?

No, they haven't actually made an official announcement about their baby-to-be's gender. And yes, we are still four months away from said baby's delivery date. But if Star Magazine and their "exclusive" story are to be believed, Sarah Michelle Gellar and her husband of seven years, Freddie Prinze, Jr., are expecting a girl.

Kristin Cavallari and Audrina Patridge

Kristin Cavallari Is Open To Dating And Drama

“I’m a completely different person than Lauren," Cavallari told EW.com earlier this week. "I have a lot more energy. I’m more outgoing. I’m a little more spontaneous. And she has a boyfriend so she’s not dating on the show. I’m very open to dating and finding a guy.”