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Jon and Kate talking to divorce laywers

Jon And Kate Talking To Divorce Lawyers

Thee end is just around the corner for Jon and Kate Gosselin. Page Six is reporting that Jon and Kate are already talking to lawyers. In fact, the interview that Jon recently gave to People magazine to get his side of the story out there was apparently conducted from the offices of a high-powered divorce attorney in Manhattan. While the couple sorts out the details of what this will mean for them and the future of their eight kids, they're already living separate lives. Jon is at their home in Wernersville, Pa with their twin daughters while Kate is with the sextuplets in North Carolina.

Heidi rushed to Costa Rican hospital with stomach infection

Heidi Montag Rushed To Hospital

It sounded like Heidi and Spencer were just being messed with in the 'Lost Chamber' on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and in no real danger while awaiting to see if they could return to the show. But now reports are coming out that the duo really were in hell. Spencer's sister and fellow The Hills co-star Stephanie Pratt said that Heidi was rushed to a Costa Rica hospital because of a stomach infection. "She was throwing up 30 times with nothing in her stomach," she told E!. "She was really sick. She thought she was dying . . . I know they pulled such shitty antics but being treated like criminals or terrorists? It's insane!" Stephanie also says that producers were dropping spiders the size of Heidi's hands in on her through the pitch darkness.

Chace Crawford has new girlfriend!

Chace Crawford Has A New Girlfriend

So, what’s going on with Chace Crawford's love life? According to the National Enquirer, now that Ed Westwick (Chace’s best friend in real life and on the show) has settled down with Jessica Szhor, they haven’t been hanging out as much as they used to. Sources say that Chace was feeling a little lonely so, Ed and Jessica took it upon themselves to set Chace up with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Esti Ginsburg. Talk about good friends!

Spencer and Heidi await their fate in the Lost Chamber

Heidi and Spencer Sent To 'Lost Chamber'

It's been nothing but drama for Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag ever since they joined the cast of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. They left the show after feeling that they were the only real "celebrities" on the show and some confusion on Heidi's part about why there was no time set aside for working on her tan. Well, they decided it was probably best for their image to return to the show yet the rest of the cast needs to vote on their return. Ready for this? While the couple awaits their fate, they spent the night in the 'Lost Chamber.' While in the pitch black cave, they were tormented by the sound of an acorn being dragged by a fishing pole along the floor and the feel of wind being blown on their backs by a small tube. Paul Telegdy, NBC's executive vice president of alternative programming, said, "When we cut the lights we have them on infared cameras and all we can say is you see two sets of very terrified eyes, blinking, google-eyed, terror struck!" He went on to say that they were praying vigorously.

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas Fires Back At Taylor Swift With A Song

For a man wearing a purity ring, Joe Jonas certainly generates the attention. After his mom tells the world he and his brothers, "have desires" and are not "above or beyond being seduced," Star magazine goes and runs a piece on Joe's war of words with former girlfriend Taylor Swift.

Kristin Cavallari stirs up the drama on the Hills

Catfight: Kristin Cavallari Vs Audrina Patridge

Kristin Cavallari stars on the upcoming season of The Hills. She made a cameo on the season finale as a guest at Heidi and Spencer's weddding. Since then, filming for Kristin's season of The Hills has officially begun and she is at war with Miss Audrina Patridge. While the cameras rolled during Audrina's 24th birthday party at LA's London West Hollywood hotel, Kristen did everything in her power to steal the spotlight away. She crossed the line, however, when she started hanging all over and flirting with "Justin Bobby" in front of Audrina. According to a source, Kristin was "fake giggling and making it look like she liked him."

Kelly Clarkson isn't gay and loves her curvy figure

Kelly Clarkson: Single, Curvy And Not Gay

If you want to hit on Kelly Clarkson, go for it but she isn't gay. Kelly truly doesn't care. Except for one pesky little problem. It's ruining her game with guys. "The rumors are not helping me on the dating front," she says. "I prefer the boys. I'm extremely flattered when I do get hit on by girls, and I think it's hot but I'm not into it. I like boys." Her dating life isn't the only thing she's had to defend. She's also had to put up with a ton of scrutiny throughout the years for her fluctuating weight. In Hollywood where "too thin" seems to wrongly be the norm, Kelly spoke out on that too. Despite the naysayers who think she needs to drop a few pounds, Kelly loves every last pound on her frame. "I love my body," she said. "I'm very much OK with it. I don't think artists are ever the ones who have the problem with their weight. It is other people."

Joshua Jackson And Diane Kruger Moving In Together

Joshua Jackson And Diane Kruger Moving In Together

Joshua Jackson, whom we will try not to refer to as "Pacey" for the rest of this blog post, and his ladyfriend of three years, Troy's Diane Kruger, are shacking up in the lovely seaside city of Vancouver, People reports. We are delighted for them and not at all green with envy that they will be right next to the 2010 Olympics and also are very beautiful, talented people who are in love and probably having excellent, prolific sex with each other.

kate gosselin ex-fiance

Kate Gosselin Has A Cheating Past

Now that he gets to watch Kate's married life play out on screen, the ex-fiance is glad he didn't end up marrying the money hungry reality start. In fact, he says he saw this coming from a mile away.