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A Girl For Freddie And Sarah Michelle Gellar?

A Girl For Freddie And Sarah Michelle Gellar?

No, they haven't actually made an official announcement about their baby-to-be's gender. And yes, we are still four months away from said baby's delivery date. But if Star Magazine and their "exclusive" story are to be believed, Sarah Michelle Gellar and her husband of seven years, Freddie Prinze, Jr., are expecting a girl.

Kristin Cavallari and Audrina Patridge

Kristin Cavallari Is Open To Dating And Drama

“I’m a completely different person than Lauren," Cavallari told EW.com earlier this week. "I have a lot more energy. I’m more outgoing. I’m a little more spontaneous. And she has a boyfriend so she’s not dating on the show. I’m very open to dating and finding a guy.”

Jennifer Aniston

Bette Midler's Dating Advice To Jennifer Aniston

The fabulously versatile singer, songwriter and actress, Bette Midler has advice for America’s favorite single sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston. In an interview with People magazine, she says that Jen needs, ''an exciting guy, like a race-car driver,'' and goes on to add, ''I think she needs somebody who cherishes her, but also somebody who's going to give her a run for her money.''

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jaime Kennedy

Is Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnant?

Star magazine is reporting that Jennifer Love Hewitt "was spotted buying a pregnancy test at a CVS Pharmacy in Studio City, California on April 29" sparking rumors that the 30-year-old actress could be pregnant.

Wanda Sykes’ Wife Gives Birth To Twins

Wanda Sykes’ Wife Gives Birth To Twins

Wanda Sykes, who brought the house down at Saturday's White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, didn't show a bit of the exhaustion she must have been feeling. The Curb Your Enthusiasm star's wife of seven months, Alexandra, gave birth to fraternal twins on April 27, and we have heard that two-week-old babies can be a lot of work, so we now have even more respect for the splendid performance she turned in at the dinner.


Wedding Planned For Madonna, Sort Of

Madonna hopes to marry her 22 year-old boyfriend, Jesus Luz, in a Kabbalah style ceremony in the next few weeks. At 50 years old, Madonna is almost 30 years older than her newest squeeze and three years older than Jesus’ dad, Luis Heitor Pinto da Luz.

Kate Gosselin Spills About Struggling Marriage

Kate Gosselin Spills About Struggling Marriage

In a recent interview with People, Kate Gosselin admitted that her marriage to husband Jon has been shaky at best for the past several months. "I don't know that we're in the same place anymore, that we want the same thing," she said quietly. "I've been struggling with the question of 'Who is this person?' for a while." The female lead in the TLC reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, has often been accused of treating her husband terribly. Recently, photos of Jon and 23-year-old Deanna Hummel surfaced when the two were seen exiting a night club… late at night, creating many to accuse him of having an affair.