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britney spears and jason trawick

Is Britney Dating Her Agent?

According the word on the street, Britney Spears is dating her agent, Jason Trawick. Hopefully, the William Morris Agency doesn't have a policy against their reps dating clients. Either way, this could be a much better proposition for Brit-Brit than her last few guys (Kevin Federline and Adnan Ghalib) but probably not quite the career move that dating Justin Timberlake would be.

jamie kennedy

Jennifer Love Hewitt & Jamie Kennedy? Awesome

According to rumor, Jennifer Love Hewitt is dating another of her co-stars on The Ghost Whisperer. You may recall that she hooked up with ex-fiance Ross McCall on the set of the supernatural thriller. But now she appears to have moved on with funny son-of-a-gun Jamie Kennedy. This should be plenty of fun.

bristol palin

Bristol Palin And Baby’s Dad End Engagement?

It looks like real-life Juno, Bristol Palin, may have had her happily ever after take a turn for the worse. Per Radar, the former vice presidential candidate's daughter has split with the father of her child, Levi Johnston. If it is true, it's a big bummer for everyone involved but, unfortunately, it's pretty standard (so the statistics say) of a relationship involving teen pregnancy. Stupid statistics or stupid rumor?

kelly clarkson

Kelly Clarkson's Never Been In Love, Not Into Kids

It looks like Kelly Clarkson is making the rounds while promoting her new album All I Ever Wanted. In addition to mentioning that she has never been in love, the pop star also mentions that she'd like to remain childless. The original American Idol champion seems a little more interesting today than she did yesterday. And the kids really seem to dig "My Life Would Suck Without You."