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chris brown rihanna

Chris Brown's Assault Hearing Happening Today

Chris Brown will appear in a Los Angeles court today to face charges that he assaulted Rihanna earlier this year. Today's hearing will start at 1:45 PT, and Rihanna is scheduled to testify against her ex-boyfriend. The question on everyone's minds: What will Rihanna say?

jon gosselin

This Father's Day, Jon Celebrates Without Kate

In many ways, it was a typical Father's Day for Jon Gosselin. The day was spent at home with his kids. A Slip-N-Slide was set up in the front lawn for everyone to enjoy. And homemade cards from all eight of his little ones - Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Lea and Joel - commemorated the day. In other ways, however, Jon's special day was far from normal. According to People, four teenage girls paid the reality star a visit.

Gisele Bundchen Expecting Tom Brady's Spawn

Gisele Bundchen Expecting Tom Brady's Spawn

Let's hope, for Gisele Bundchen's sake, that Tom Brady is not a man who nurtures certain relationship patterns. Because if he is, the Brazilian supermodel might very well be finding herself single in the near future. Brady, who famously left his pregnant girlfriend Bridget Moynahan to be with Bundchen two and a half years ago, is an expectant father once again. According to People magazine, Bundchen is due to deliver his second child (and her first) early next year.

morgan freeman incest

Morgan Freeman Having Affair With Granddaughter

According to The National Enquirer, actor Morgan Freeman, 72, has been engaged in a decade-long affair with none other than his step-granddaughter. The 27-year-old woman, E'Dena Hines is not related to him by blood, but is the granddaughter of his first wife, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw. However, Freeman and his second wife, Myrna, helped raised Hines when she was little. The Enquirer's sources are saying that this affair is responsible for the break of Freeman and Myrna's marriage.

leighton meester

More Gossip, Girl: A Leighton Meester Sex Tape?

According to TMZ, Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester may have let a sex tape get outside of her control. Rumors are aswirl that a video of the starlet making sexy time with her boyfriend is being offered to media outlets all over the pop culture spectrum. Still images have been leaked to the web and may prove that the tape actually exists. Only time will tell if the tape is real and how the scandal will affect Leighton Meester or Gossip Girl

Neil Patrick Harris Not Expecting a Baby

Neil Patrick Harris Not Expecting a Baby

Even though Star Magazine reported earlier this week that Neil Patrick Harris and his longtime partner David Burtka were using a surrogate to have a child together, the reports are not true. Neil released a statement that said they are currently not expecting a baby but went on to say that maybe someday they will!

Lindsay Lohan Busts Justin Timberlake For Cheating

Lindsay Lohan Busts Justin Timberlake For Cheating

Lindsay Lohan was out at the same nightclub in New York City as Justin Timberlake this week where she spotted him kissing, canoodling and holding hands with an unknown brunette. JT was also a tad tipsy off Patrone and even started break dancing on the dance floor for a few minutes. Lindsay was just steps away from this scene and just couldn’t resist a good Tweet, writing, “Where’s JB, [Jessica Biel] cheater?” She claims her account was account into and it wasn't her that sent the incriminating tweet out.