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Jennifer Hudson Returns Her Man’s Proposal

Jennifer Hudson Returns Her Man’s Proposal

Seven months after her boyfriend, David Otunga, popped the question, Jennifer Hudson struck a blow for gender equality and asked him to marry her right back, with a stunning piece of jewelry to sweeten the deal. Jennifer and jeweler Neil Lane, who also designed the engagement ring she wears, designed a five-carat platinum and diamond ring that she presented to Otunga on his 29th birthday last month. Read: A Quick History Of Engagement Rings "Jennifer wanted to give him something really special when she asked David to marry her," Lane told People. "It was very sentimental and romantic ... They are really in love."

Josh Duhamel and Fergie

Will Fergie And Josh Duhamel Break Up Over Baby?

Hubby Josh Duhamel, on the other hand, doesn't feel as strongly about having his black eyed peas implanted in another woman's uterus. Josh would rather Fergie have the baby herself, a natural request to make of one's newly wedded spouse. "Josh has told Fergie that if she can take time off to have their baby, he's more than willing to play Mr. Mom after the child is born."

Bradley Cooper

Is Bradley Cooper Jennifer Aniston's New Brad?

Could it be that Aniston has finally found her leading man? Probably not but she sure did pick a cute one to practice on. Bradley Cooper is apparently a front-runner for the role of The Green Lantern which means his chest will only be getting bigger and his eyes that much bluer.

Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson

Lindsay Lohan's Desperately Seeking Samantha

Rumors of an impending reunion between Lindsay Lohan and ex-girlfriend, Samantha Ronson just won't die down. People magazine has multiple sources confirming that Lindsay spent Tuesday night at Samantha's house. People also reports that Lindsay once again reiterated, to E! News that, ''she and Ronson are ''in touch'' and remain friends,'' adding that while Lohan recently vacationed in Hawaii, ''she briefly changed her blackberry messenger name to ''LL loves Sam Ronson.''

Jon and Kate Plus 8

Jon Gosselin’s Affair Confirmed?

After weeks of speculation and fuzzy reports, Us Weekly has confirmed that Jon Gosselin, father of eight, has been having an affair with 23-year-old third-grade teacher Deanna Hummel for several months. The magazine's website has footage of Jon leaving her home early on a March morning, most likely while his wife, Kate, was out of town promoting her latest book, Eight Little Faces.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox Dishes On Dating

Megan Fox, who co-stars with Shia LeBeouf in this summer's blockbuster, "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," has become one of Hollywood's hottest young actresses since she burst onto the scene a couple years ago. Her looks and body have garnered much attention as well as her engagement to former, "90210," and, "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," star Brian Austin Green.

shia labeouf

Shia LaBeouf Thinks Mom Is Sexy

Shia LaBeouf has a secret, he thinks mom is sexy. Per an interview, the Transformers star (tongue in cheek, we'd guess) says that he wishes that he could find someone just like his mother, Shayna LaBeouf. It could just be a weird Mother's Day tribute. If not, somewhere on the far side of the River Styx, Oedipus is crying his missing eyes out.