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Renee Zellweger

Bradley Cooper Spurns Jen By Dating Renee

Jennifer Aniston already lost one Brad (Pitt) to an Oscar winner, and may be about to lose another Brad (-ley Cooper) to a different Best Supporting Actress. This time Renee Zellweger. Apparently Cooper went on two dates: one with Aniston, the other Zellweger. After the date with Aniston, it was reported by both parties that they were only friends. Then it came out that she had given him a dating timeline of when she wanted to be married and have kids. Rumor has it this scared Cooper off and into the arms of another actress.

michael jackson unmasked giveaway

Follow CelebLoveYT On Twitter, Win MJ 'Unmasked'

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Eva Longoria whispering to Tony Parker

Eva Longoria's "Best Sex Ever" Tip: Tie Me Up

"What's that Eva? You want me to do you HOW?" might be an appropriate speech bubble coming out of Trey Parker's mouth in the accompanying photograph. According to The Sun's "Best Sex Ever" survey of "A-List celebs," the answer for Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria, it seems, is to be tied up with silk scarves during love making.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brangelina To Split, Live In France, NY Or LA

Lots of gossip about Brangelina out there today. Are they about to breakup? Did Angelina Jolie issue Brad Pitt an ultimate about living in France? Is he hanging out in LA too much? Are they going to buy a fabulous penthouse condo in New York City's Apthorp building? When will it all end?

arturo gatti murder

Arturo Gatti's Wife Charged With Murder

The wife of Arturo Gatti has been charged with his murder. This weekend Amanda Rodrigues, 23, was the first to report the slain boxer dead during their second honeymoon in Brazil. Read why authorities have officially named her as a suspect.

jon gosselin girlfriend

Jon Gosselin Introduces Mistress In France

Theoretically until now Jon Gosselin's girlfriend could have been imaginary, but in fact our reports have been correct: she exists. The much younger Hailey Glassman, who's 23 and kind of resembles Kate, met the world this weekend on their star-studded holiday in St. Tropez. We have the story on the big-sunglass-wearing Hollywood wannabes and their true colors, as photos from the weekend show them yachting, posing with European celebrities and smoking cigarettes.

Debbie Rowe To Attend Custody Hearing

Debbie Rowe To Attend Custody Hearing

Will she get the kids that she and Michael Jackson spawned? As we previously reported, Debbie Rowe wants her children back. She told this to NBC-LA in a 90-minute phone interview. She offered to undergo DNA testing to prove that she is the biological mother of Paris Michael Katherine and Prince Michael, the children she gave birth to when she was married to Michael Jackson. She's even reportedly expressed a willingness to raise Prince Michael II ("Blanket"), the child Michael Jackson had with an anonymous surrogate after they divorced.  But immediately after her NBC-LA interview, Rowe's lawyer gave a press conference stating that her decision on seeking custody was not final. Divorce Laws, Demystified

Katie Price Talks Divorce, Drinking & Miscarriage

Katie Price Talks Divorce, Drinking & Miscarriage

When Katie "Jordan" Price and Peter Andre announced their separation a few months back, we here at YourTango were devastated. Like a lot of celebrity gossip sites, we found ourselves asking painful, difficult questions, like: "Who are we going to write about now when we are hankering for news about a couple with matching spray-on tans?" and "Will any celebrity couple ever sing the theme song from Aladdin as beautifully as they did?" Fortunately for us, there's still plenty being reported on the Price-Andre coupling, and a lot of it is coming courtesy of — surprise — Katie and Peter themselves. The juiciest news so far comes from an interview Katie recently did with Piers Morgan (airing on British television this weekend).

robert pattinson

Top 10 British Celebrity Crushes

British celebrities are stealthy stealing America's heart. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Posh & Becks dominate our headlines as much as any Stateside star. Check out YourTango's rundown of the 10 sexiest British celebrities right now as we investigate the question: just what is their status?