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michael jackson gay crossdress las vegas construction worker

Michael Jackson Was A Gay Crossdresser?

We love Michael Jackson...but the drama continues. New York Daily News has just reported that a new tell-all by In Touch Weekly celebrity biographer Ian Halperin reveals that Michael Jackson way gay, dressed like a woman to parade around for his lovers, and forced his secret construction worker lover in Las Vegas sign a contract to keep their affair under wraps. YourTango.com has the details.

Anna Kournikova Engaged?

Anna Kournikova Engaged?

Anna Kournikova showed up flashing a giant diamond ring on the fourth finger of her left hand at a Pennsylvania World Team Tennis match Monday, prompting onlookers to speculate that she and longtime flame Enrique Iglesias are finally making it legal.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson Dumps Kristin Stewart

OMG! Can you believe it? The star crossed love affair between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart is now, apparently, over. At least, that's what Life & Style is reporting this week. According to the magazine, Pattinson dumped K-Stew for his Remember Me co-star Emilie de Ravin. Apparently this spurs from a while back with Pattinson and de Ravin met. It was also Pattinson's suggestion to case de Ravin in Remember Me, according to insider who spilled it to Life & Style.

michael jackson grace rwaramba secret lover

MJ's Secret Lover Revealed

Last week Michael Jackson's bodyguard gave an exclusive interview revealing that MJ had a longtime secret lover. Now Michael's photographer has come out to reveal exactly who the female companion was. (She was even closer to the children than we'd imagined.)

paris jackson michael daughter speech

Michael Jackson's Daughter's Controversial Speech

One of the most moving moments of Michael Jackson's memorial service yesterday was the brave speech given by his daughter Paris Michael Katherine, who's 11. "Daddy was the best father you could ever imagine," she said. Reports state that Paris's biological mother Debbie Rowe was watching the service remotely and broke down after seeing her daughter speak.

Miley: Single And Loving It? Kind Of?

Miley: Single And Loving It? Kind Of?

Fresh off her breakup with Justin Gaston, it appears Miley Cyrus hasn't been spending all her time splitting milkshakes with Nick Jonas. According to her manic Twitter, Miley is lonely, hungry, and boy-crazy. Translation: She's 16 years old, y'all.

Chris Brown Makes Out With Kanye's Ex

Chris Brown Makes Out With Kanye's Ex

Chris Brown may have come up with the ultimate revenge against Kanye West, who thinks of Rihanna as family—getting together with Kanye’s ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose. Chris was seen locking lips with Amber this past weekend in Beverly Hills.

steve mcnair

Steve McNair's Wife "Blindsided" By Affair

Sources reveal that McNair's infidelity was all news to Mechelle, who lived a mere six miles away from the condo where McNair and his mistress were found dead. As more grisly details about the deaths emerged, so did the evidence of a months-long liason between the 36-year-old athlete and the waitress of a local Dave and Buster's.