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kendra wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson Weds At Playboy Mansion

It was a nice day for a white wedding. So white that it wasn't just the bride sporting the color. The groom also wore white, as did the groomsmen. But we don't think they were fooling anyone. The bride, after all, was three-months pregnant— and one of Hugh Hefner's former three-pack of girlfriends. We refer, of course, to Kendra Wilkinson. On Saturday, the Playboy Playmate tied the knot as only a high-profile ex-girlfriend of Hefner's would— at his house.

Michael Jackson singing

Michael Jackson's Lovelife: A Timeline

With 39 years of stardom, five #1 hit albums, three children, two wives and more tabloid coverage than we can count, Michael Jackson's legacy on the music industry and the world will live on for many years to come. However, despite being an enduring sex symbol since he was a member of the Jackson 5, the recently-departed Jackson had only a handful of romantic relationships throughout his life.

Gisele Gushes About Pregnancy, Family

Gisele Gushes About Pregnancy, Family

Gisele Bundchen gave an interview to a Brazilian TV program this week in which she talked about the baby she's expecting with her husband, Patriots QB Tom Brady, saying, "I am crazy about children," and "Because of this relationship, what is most important to me is the family. Now I am creating my other family."