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Tony Romo Dumped Jess Over Texts From John Mayer?

According to Hollyscoop.com, Jess may have secretly kept in touch with singer-songwriter and sometime Twitter-whore John Mayer. The two had dated briefly in 2006, but apparently Romo discovered text messages from Mayer in Jessica’s phone after he flew into L.A. for her birthday.

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J-Goss Returns To U.S. Without 'Upset' Girlfriend

Jon Gosselin landed in New York City on Tuesday without his 22-year-old girlfriend Hailey Glassman after their week-long whirlwind in France. Speculations suggest she's sick of the media and ducked back into the States to avoid cameras, while her friends are saying she's dating Jon for all the wrong reasons. YourTango.com has details.

David Beckham Keeps Knickers On With Angelina

David Beckham Keeps Knickers On With Angelina

David Beckham recently put to rest rumors that he and Angelina Jolie would be costarring in some new Armani fragrance ads, but he did so in a strange manner that implied Victoria Beckham had had a few things to say about Angie getting anywhere near her man.

Sex With Robert Pattinson Is Amazing

Sex With Robert Pattinson Is Amazing

Robert's ex, via National Enquirer, reports that sex with this hottie is right out electrifying. As if women needed another reason to worship the always brooding Robert Pattinson. And if Robert Pattinson's mother is reading this, you might want to refrain from continuing on.

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Debbie Rowe Set To Strike A Lucrative Custody Deal

Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine, and his ex-wife, Debbie Rowe are apparently making a closed-door deal on the custody of the pop legend's three children. Among the major tenets of the deal is a $4 million pay-off for Rowe in exchange for her custody rights, reports The New York Post.

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Tony & Jessica: She Was A Full-Time Commitment

Maybe Jessica Simpson's Barbie & Ken birthday party was the last straw for Tony Romo. Sources are saying that the couple split over her need to settle down with a husband and babies, while Tony was itching to get out and play the field again. YourTango.com has the details.

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J-Goss's Girlfriend's History Of Sexcapades

The truth has come out about Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend, 22-year-old Hailey Glassman. Radar Online has reported her history of being arrested, smoking pot, and getting caught in a public restroom performing sexual acts on another woman. Get the full details at YourTango.com.