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Kim Kardashian Just Needs The Question

Kim Kardashian Just Needs The Question

If you are getting married and this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, may as well have a ring that you will love to wear for the rest of your life too. That's why Kim Kardashian has already picked out a ring even though she isn't engaged yet.

Christina Applegate To Marry Again

Christina Applegate Will Be A Most Beautiful Bride

The Samantha Who? star revealed to the magazine that she's hoping her relationship with Dutch bass player Martyn Lenoble will "last forever." "I'm very grateful to Martyn for coming along at a time that he did because he's been my rock through all of this," Applegate said referring to her recent battle with breast cancer.

Why Is Jon Out Late Without Kate & 8?

Why Is Jon Out Late Without Kate & 8?

Jon is back in the hot seat once again as photos from a second late night play date surface. Us Weekly published the first photo which reveals Jon in the passenger seat of a car while another woman, again, not his wife, takes the wheel.

robert pattinson

Robert Pattinson Scared To Date

Sex symbol Robert Pattinson recently shared a disappointing message with girls everywhere. According to The Bosh, this British hottie is scared to date anyone because he believes the fame would ruin his potential girlfriend’s life.

Sean Penn and Robin Wright Divorcing

Sean Penn & Robin Wright Penn Split (Again)

If you count in Hollywood years, theirs is a marriage that lasted a Hollywood lifetime. Alas, no more! Star magazine confirms that brilliant actor and two-time Oscar winner, Sean Penn and his gorgeous wife, Robin Wright Penn are separating-for the second time! The on-again-off-again couple have been married for 11 years (give or take-depending on whether you count or discount the separations) and have officially announced their split via press release.